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Week 16 or 17 ? Championship game

Henry Muto

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How many people here do their championship games in week 17 ? My 3 locals have done it since day 1 way back in 1990 and I am starting to get worried about this year. Most years only 1 or 2 teams sit players but this year it looks like a lot of teams might be sitting them.


I have been trying to get away from week 17 for years now because back in the 90s teams didn't sit players.


I remember back in 1996 when they still had Monday night games in week 17 I had Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and H-Moore going into Monday night and I was down 34-19 but Young threw 2 1st half TD passes before sitting out the 2nd half.

Moore caught a TD with about 4 minutes left to give me the 37-34 win.


I have been hoping the league would expand to 18 weeks and do it soon so this will not be a factor anymore.


My league doesn't want less playoff teams and doesn't want less than 14 games for the regular season so we are stuck with 17 weeks and I hate it.

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I joined the new 12-team Rebel Alliance Dynasty League this year, which is kind of old school. Non-PPR, only 8-starters, no negative points, no decimals points in scoring, and the championship game is in week 17.


We also don't use computers. Everything is done with pencil and old ledgers....just kidding, we use MFL.

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we use week 17 as an all-star week, a "probowl" if you will. our 2 divisions select the best of the best to represent the division. All in good fun.


But much like the Probowl, half the guys don't even play. How people can stomach a week 17 championship is beyond me.

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Week 17 sucks yet I have had my fantasy bowl in week 17 for 20 straight years...go figure.


Sometimes it bites you sometimes it bites the other team.


But with 12 teams and wanting the NFL style playoffs 6 teams with 14 games each team playing each div team 2 times plus other teams once you need 14 reg season games and 3 weeks of playoffs.


I am really nevous about how this year is shaking out.

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