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Having "one of those years"...


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I take pride in putting together a solid team every year in FF in our local league. This year I have a top 3 team in scoring yet my record sux. I am 3-6 after getting Ruthlessburgered this week. I am now over 150 pts ahead of the rest of the league in points AGAINST. The running theme in the smack talk is now becoming "OH I play you so I should be in the money for the high score this week!"


This happens every year to someone but it has never been me to this extent. I have played the high score of the week 5 times already and won it 1 time myself... like I said, One of those years...


If I could make a run and somehow squeak into the playoffs nobody would want to play me but at this rate I am not holding my breath...


Who else is whining?


FYI: League is "decent" money league (but not high buck) and been same core for 15+ yrs but is mainly a pride/give buddies crap league. And it is SSSOOOOO much more fun giving the SA comments than taking them...

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The wonders of Head to Head. Its FUN to play head to head each week, but you really are beholden to your weekly matchup.


Last year I had middling points, a terrible Rotisserie record, but I snuck into the playoffs with an 9-5 record over a MUCH better team that was 8-6. I ended up winning the entire league last year winning a horrifically low scoring game in the championship game over someone who did worse. Sometimes you get the breaks.


This year I am 9-0 running hogwild in my league. I expect to go out in Round 1 of the playoffs.

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I once led my league in points and finished tied for last at 5-8. I actually consider it an accomplishment. Sure i could argue that I deserved to make the playoffs that year, but sometimes I make it when I don't deserve to.


You have to recognize going into this type of thing that it's not necessarily fair. Even over the course of a season, things don't have to come back to the "norm".


In the future, you could have a rule that the last playoff spot goes to the highest scoring remaining team. I know some leagues that have done this, but I'm not in one.

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I'm in a very similar situation. I'm 7 of 10 with a 2-7 record. But I have the 3rd highest points (only 50 behind) and the 2nd most scored against. I usually would beat almost everyone else each week but keep getting paired with the highest or second highest scorer every week. Extremely frustrating.


If I had the same schedule as #2 in our league I'd be 8-1. grrrrr

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Oh I get that this is the anomaly year for me but it sure is more fun when it is someone else and not me... 2 years ago I coasted through the season always playing a weak score so this must be my karma payback...

I am thinking of establishing a "Award" for next year's draft, similar to the last place person being "Beer Biatch" (you get to be in charge of fetching 1 beer per owner during the draft- We all wait and make him go one at a time... good fun)

Maybe the Unlucky Loser Award... now what "Bonus" could you ger, Hmmmm???

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Playing in a head to head and a total points scores league this year and this is the main reason why I'm a proponent of the latter. Less luck and the best team gets the title instead of lucky circumstances crowning a title winner that was really the 3rd or 4th best team in the league. I had the same thing happen as you mentioned, having the 2nd highest score and going against that weeks #1, and all I can say is my condolences are with you :(

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Yeah feel your pain buddy.


I'm 3-6 this year, the league leaders are only 6-3 and I'm only 2 games out of the playoffs but would need help elsewhere and probably to win all 5 of my remaining games.


I'm 5th in points scored and 4th on breakdown (your record against every team each week) in a 12 teamer but its only the record that counts so I'm joint last with three other teams.


Only recently managed to find viable replacements for my poor draft choices like Montee Ball, Crabtree and Kendall Wright.

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I can relate! For the last twelve years I've usually been in the top three, and always in the playoffs of my keeper league. This year, however, is a totally different story. My keepers were to begin with, Ray Rice (owned since rookie season), Wes Welker (owned since he was a Dolphin), Nick Foles (rookie), Brady (2004), Dennis Pitta, LeSean McCoy (rookie, got as handcuff for Westbrook).


Of those, the only one currently on the field the whole season without a noticeable slump is McCoy, and I would argue about that, given the lack of TD's. Yes, Brady has gone the whole season, but I think he was drinking decaf the first several games.


I wish somebody would tell me what the deal is on Welker - has he ticked off Manning or permanently injured himself to the point of never getting throws? Either way it seems he's toxic, but I'd love to know if it's dump time or not.


And thanks to RR, I'm in RB hell and due to taking a chance on Cordarelle Patterson, I'm also in WR hell due to the aforementioned Welker also taking up Roster space. I owned RR's handcuff, Bernard Pierce, but that was the wrong call. As was Knile Davis (keeper league, so no starters on waiver wire).


I'm almost ready to put this season to bed today! And that completes my whine... Thank you for letting me vent!

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