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What's with the time?

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It's a server thing. We have our servers managed by another company but I'm sure I can find some UNIX command and telnet in to update the clock. Just never figured it was that big a deal.

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Probably not a big deal, was just curious. Although, over in the League Forum we had talked about using it for our Free Agency system and did have a 12 noon cutoff time for Bids. Would hate to make my bid 12 minutes before cutoff time and find out I missed it because the difference in time. Will have to be aware of this if it stays the same.


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In one of my Huddle leagues, we have a 5 PM cuttoff on free agency and that means I have to make my moves by 3:44 in order to beat the 5 PM timestamp.


Well...at least it is original.

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Originally posted by KC Crazy:

Use NTP services WW, it is simple and it is accurate. Let me know if you need assistance. In Linux or NT it is easy to integrate.


That's assuming of course that I know what NTP services is. :D Feel free to email me. I always like learning new stuff.

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Will do WW. For everyone else, NTP is network time protocol and is a simple program that goes out and synchronizes the local system time with a networked time source from a number of bodies (free). The thing is accurate to the fraction of a second.

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