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Maurice Clarrett


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He's beyond dumb. He's on the verge of amazing.


The guy's going to the nfl, will make millions of dollars from his nfl contract alone, and the genius figures why not try and make a couple grand by submitting a false claim when his "test-drive" Monte Carlo is broken into. On top of that he lies about it to OSU as well.


And if that wasn't bad enough and if he isn't under enough heat already, now he blatantly disregards what Geiger and Tressel tell him in keeping a low profile last Saturday.


It's a shame someone with that much talent and potential doesn't respect himself, his coaches, his team, or his school. He'll never be as good as he thinks he is, and he'll never get the recognition and praise he thinks he deserves. He only wants to be in the spotlight. Well Maurice Clarice you got it.


Columbus and OSU fans everywhere are aggrevated beyond belief and fed up.


It's danm shame.


Danm shame.

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Thats a cop out. He's just a teenager. He's a pampered college athlete that thinks his sh*t don't stink. The boy needs to grow up. He's what 19 and acting like 13. If evrything is true that is claimed he should be suspended for the year even if he transfers. He needs to stay in college and grow up a little cause if he makes it to the NFL it will only be worse. I really can't picture him lasting more than 3 years in the NFL. He probably wouldn't last a full season.

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Valid point KState but I agree with Stumpie. While he is a teenager, a collegiate level player should know how to behave, and should listen to his coaches.


Bottom line the kid should know better. There's making a mistake, and then there's continuing to make mistakes and constantly challenging authority. He continues to disobey, make more trouble for himself, and tarnish his rep and his school's. I lettered all four years at Ohio State and I can assure you while we were young, we listened to authority, and our coaches. Of course we made mistakes, but we corrected them and learned from them. We also knew what actions would affect our school's rep and our own. College is a time to grow and mature, and he's doing neither.

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The kids should know better and most do. Considering there are over 110 colleges in D1A with 80-100 players on each team, there is not that many problems overall. It's probably better than the average for people their age.


If the players have role models such as their coaches they will be fine.

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What gets me is his attitude that he is being mis-treated.


You did something wrong and stupid and guess what there are consequences just like in real life. It's too bad you don't like the consequences, perhaps you should have considered those consequences before you made an ass out of yourself.


A lesson in personal responsibility.

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Agreed....most of us here don't care to see him play another game for us. "Pretty is...as pretty does." He's only something special...if he's something special all the way around. If you are a good athlete, but off the field you're a whiny a$$.....then I'd have to conclude you are nuthin' special. smash


Let's not forget that pesky stinger injury. That's one of those touchy things that might never go away. I predict one big hit in the NFL....and he's done. You can't be a good runner with a gimpy shoulder....ask Stewart. wink

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I'm an OSU alum and AVID fan of the Buckeyes (and CF in general).


Frankly I don't think as much of the problem is Clarrett as OSU/NCAA and the media.


This guy has been BMOC probably since day 1 of Pop Warner. He ran for 170+ in game 1 as a Frosh starter and people wanted to build statues. As others have said he'll either win a Heisman, get a fat NFL contract or maybe both (and everyone including him knows it).


When you set up a system that causes such kids to want to cheat, they will. Then when you back any teenage kid in a corner like this, he will lie and try to get away clean if he can. Plus, any guy who's been the BMOC doesn't like staying in the shadows. (I don't know about the GameDay interview, but I'm glad he was on the sideline cheering/yelling and having fun rooting the team on.)


Good race horses are always high-strung and are sometimes a problem. Plow horses tend to be stable, steady (and slow). That's just about the sum of the story.


As far as I've heard the kid took an "overnight test drive" car and probably planned to scam the insurance company when it was broken into...but he never filed the claim. Naughty, naughty - but since he didn't file who the hell cares. He realized it was wrong (or too big a risk) and didn't file!


I'm more concerned about all this hipocrasy and high-tone by the university, media and NCAA. The whole testing/cheating thing that started this uproar is bull. Don't give me crap about "oral tests" and the integrity of OSU and College football.


College football is BIG business, just like the whole College business in general. It isn't a church, community service or some higher moral institution...its about money and success and figuring out how to get more of both.


College needs its football and football needs its stars, but neither wants to pay them. So the NCAA hides behind an education vail and pretends more than .5% will ever use their education. Sure there are exceptions, but 99% of the good players aren't planning to build on the education they get while in college.


I say if Clarrett ever really planned to teach African Studies (or whatever), fine lets string him up if he cheated. However if he's just taking classes so he's allowed to play, lets move on. We all know this is just a big dance to avoid paying the players a percentage of what they bring in to the university.


We ought to pay these guys, forget the educ. and behavior rules and treat it as what it is...the NFL minor league with big-league revenues. Then we won't need to worry about catching cheaters or dealing with the lies/cover-up/etc. And for those that really feel college is hallowed and sacred, we just cut the Ivy league out of the NCAA and let them do their own thing.


The media, the NCAA and OSU need to get over themselves and get on with putting their best team on the field. Nobody cares that the players have X gradepoint, Y ethics or Z public persona. The fans come and pay bigtime to see a great team.


For those who want him to grow up and think how he acts is critical or a bad reflection on OSU (and/or College Football)...how many of you drafted Shockey if he was best available when you took your TE? Thought so.


BTW, I'd feel this same way if Clarrett were at Miami, Florida State, USC or Penn State. (If he were at Michigan, then reverse everything I said and all MI players ought to be required to keep a 4.0, "walk the straight and narrow" and sing in the choir 2 days a week.)

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Whats sad is without this guy OSU doesnt win it all last yr. And one of your own proves to be an idiot but you fair weather F*cks run him down and say get rid of him. Bottom line is he got caught. Im not a Clarett fan by any means, but you stand up for your own, and help them get back to where he needs to be.



This whole thing smells and it may prove that OSU is trying to cover up other NCAA violations but railroading this kid. Did he F*ck up and lie to police, yes. Was he quilty of academic fraud, Yes. Are others at OSU also guilty of academic fraud, HELL YES. Just wait, if the NCAA investigates outside of Clarett, that precious title is all but gone.

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We don't want to "run him out of town". And I think OSU and the coaching staff and the fans babied him along for a while...gave him the benefit of the doubt. It is evident that educators and coaches are torn between reigning these young people in and/or letting them have the college experiences we all had away from home for the first time.


High strung thoroughbred? BMOC? Sure...I'll give you that....sort of a fact of life in top college sports in general. But even a thoroughbred that bucks the system and refuses to get in the gate to play the game...will at some point be scratched from the race. We can say these guys are teenagers...and they ARE! Interesting how some conduct themselves with the wisdom of 30 yr olds....and others act 14.


We wanted to believe in him....very much so! But you can't lie to your coaches....lie to the AD....lie to the NCAA....lie to the police...and expect to just be welcomed back into the fold. We all make mistakes....we forgave him that when he said he'd come clean. Then they find out he lied again? Came walking out of the NCAA inquiry laughing and tittering...like it was all a big joke.


I think he's a terrific player and has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the game of football. And being in the top echelon, he knew he'd be targeted by the media. The trick is keeping your nose clean and knowing how to sidestep questions that are obviously baited (ie. the SI article).


I'm not going to comment on if College Athletes should be payed...that generally takes up it's own post and debate....except to say that they ARE payed...how much do you think a fullboat scholarship with national exposure is worth?? An education that 95% of the student body have to pay for themselves...and a shot at the NFL for countless millions? Not a bad payment I think.


At any rate....if he ends up playing elsewhere...we DO wish him well. Maybe the experience will actually BE humbling and a life lesson....rather than just the canned phrase that came out on GameDay. I sincerely hope so...for his sake.

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I hate Clarett and everything he stands for. I would never wish a person like him the best. My opionion on paying the players, I think the league should give them a weekley allowance. not anything outragious... I think somewhere around 500 dollars a month would be fine. I havent sat down and calculated the numbers, but Im thinking somewhere around there. I pray that he doesnt even challange the NFL... There are so many reasons why that would be awful... Just look at NCAA Basketball and the NBA... total crap.

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