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2005 CCS (introduction)


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NOTE: This is almost identical to what Skippy posted in 2004..I just updated a few references



This will be the seventh annual Huddle Members Consensus Cheat Sheet. We will start this now instead of waiting a few days..



I’m sure that most of you have a good idea how this works but just incase you have been under a rock for the past six years, here’s a quick explanation.


We are going to create a “redraft cheat sheet” to help with your early rankings. The list is a single list with QB’s, RB’s and WR’s all ranked together starting with your number one overall pick and working our way down the list until interest fades. In the past there has always been debate about adding TE’s to the list but once again, for this list we are acting as though the league in question is not a TE required league. Any vote for a TE would be because at that point you think he is better than any WR that is available.


In the past I tried to leave votes open all day so that people who can only log on during certain times of the day always had a chance to vote. This year I think that for the first twenty or so picks we will move a little quicker and once there is a clear cut winner we will lockup and open a new thread.


As always all votes are welcome even the unpopular ones. Those of you that have helped build the list in the past know that even if I start voting for James Stewart with the first overall pick, it is not going to skew the results unless the majority of us had a sudden brain cramp.


As for voting on players with uncertain current conditions: vote based on what your current knowledge is as if this was your actual draft right now.


Scoring to consider when making your picks will be performance based and the same for all position players. However, if you really need to see it to crunch some numbers, then here is the scoring that the CCS is built around:



Number of Passing TDs: Every 1 TDs = 4 Pts

Passing Yardage: Every 25 Yds = 1 Pts

Pass Interception (thrown): Every 1 Qty = -2 Pts

Number of Rushing TDs: Every 1 TDs = 6 Pts

Rushing Yardage: Every 10 Yds = 1 Pts

Number of Receiving TDs: Every 1 TDs = 6 Pts

Receiving Yardage: Every 10 Yds = 1 Pts

2 Pt Conversion (Pass): Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

2 Pt Conversion (Rush): Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

2 Pt Conversion (Receive): Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts




Number of Field Goals Made: Every 1 Qty = 3 Pts

Field Goal Distance: Yds Pts

40 = +1

50 = +2

Make an Extra Point: Every 1 Qty = 1 Pts




Points Against: Qty Pts

0 = 10

1 = 9 - it can't happen.

2 = 8

3 = 7

4 = 6

5 = 5

6 = 4

7 = 3

8 = 2

9 = 1

10 = 0

Total Yards Against: Yds Pts

0 = 5

200 = 3

250 = 1

300 = 0

Sack (by Defense): Every 1.00 Qty = 1 Pts

Safety: Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

Number of Blocked FGs: Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

Number of Blocked Punts: Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

Number of Blocked XPs: Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

Number of Intercept Return TDsEvery 1 TDs = 6 Pts

Interception (Return): Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

Fumble Recovery: Every 1 Qty = 2 Pts

Number of Fumble Recovery TDs:Every 1 TDs = 2 Pts

Number of Kickoff Return TDs: Every 1 TDs = 6 Pts

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Thanks for picking up Avernus.  I was talking to a few and putting out a feeler to see if I could get some help with this years version and there you are. :D  Let the picking begin.








ahaha...I wasn't even sure you were still around...

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