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Trading Darrell Jackson

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I know this isn't new for all of you so here's a link to my original post that contains all the pertinent info:Original DJax Trade Question


New potential deal:

A guy in my league put Deuce on the block, asking for a top WR or high draft pick. Most consider DJax a very good WR but not a "top" WR so I floated the following offer. It's floating at the moment because he left for China three days after I suggested the trade so I could still pull the offer off the table but I'm not likely to. He said he is considering the trade but I'm sure he's waiting to see if someone else knocks his socks off with a better offer.

The offer is:


I give DJax and my 1st pick 1.01


I get Deuce and his 1st pick 1.10


Basically it comes down to this... I trade DJax, which I'm looking to do anyway, and in lieu of drafting Caddy at 1.01 I keep Deuce and I'm looking to draft WR at 1.10.

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BS, i followed the original thread when it was posted and it think this is the best offer for you that i have seen.  i think it's a pretty fair offer for what he was asking.  good luck.






Thanks, rhip. For the rest of you who followed the original trade thread discussion or have read it recently, if this trade doesn't pan out then I'll probably push for the trade that gets me two 2nds and leaves me with one 3rd as opposed to keeping only my 2nd and having three 3rds. In a keep 5 the talent thins out very quickly in the draft and I'd rather have one less pick in order to have multiple picks early on.

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We just drafted rookies in our keeper league. The backs went 1-4, Edwards 5, Williamson 6, Shelton 7, Williams 8.


At the 10 spot you will likely miss the top 3 drafted rookies and be looking at Clayton or Jones who may not produce for awhile.

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if you get points for receptions, go with Caddy and Darrell. If not, go with Deuce. I think Cadillac is going to be THAT good, and Cactus Jackson should get a lil boost in his #s with Koren gone.

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