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The NHL Lottery!

The Darkside

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The Rangers are the obvious choice... but I don't know if its certainly the right one.


It seems the NHL got a boost when Gretzky went to LA.


Later, he went to the Rangers, and he retired after missing the playoffs 2 of 3 years.

Jagr went to the Rangers, and I didn't see any boost.


Is it better if he's in a big market? Or better if he's in the playoffs?

Let him go to New Jersey.


Let's go Devils!


It'll really be interesting if he ends up with the Rangers. Because no one would believe that it was a legit lottery. They've got less than a 7% chance at the pick.

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Congrats to all the penguin fans out there, the thought of seeing mario and crosbey playing together is awesome, in the sense of marketing for the nhl this was one scenaro that i never really thought of but the best player in the league for the last 15 years showing the "next one" the ropes, awesome.

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I know a rather large....or Hugh person or One who will be pleased to hear this.







F*cking A right. It's like Christmas in July. This news is AWESOME!!!! With the amount of young talent in Pittsburgh, the future is certainly bright. :D

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Not Vancouver...


Not Ottawa...


Is the suspense killing you?


Not Atlanta...


Not Chicago...


Do I hear Montreal???


Not Columbus...


Nope, not Montreal...


4th pick goes to Minnesota


3rd pick goes to Carolina


final two... Pittsburgh or Anaheim...








As much as I can't stand the Penguins after they outed my North Stars in the Cup Finals, I'm glad that a franchise with a hockey history such as theirs (in terms of overall success, not financial) won the sweepstakes for this kid over a city who won't even recognize his presence unless the sports media holds it in front of their face with a flashing neon sign and a flow chart explaining how this benefits this team.


I can't even express how much less love I have for the Mighty Schmucks the the Penguins. At least Pittsburgh realized what they had when they beat my North Stars in 1991-1992. I don't think Anaheim even sold out a playoff game when they beat the Wild in 2003.

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