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  2. Keeper League Advice

    Thanks for the thoughts - yeah a lot of the top WR will probably be kept, but we’ll see. Woods would probably go cheaper on open market than Diggs, which could be a factor. Probably both solid WR2 though. Any other thoughts out there?
  3. Draft Strategy/Friendship Strategy

    I had Thielen and Diggs last year. It was great the first half of the season, and a nightmare the second half. I would pair a tight end and a wideout of the same team who are the top receiving options and get 90% of targets. Years ago I had Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez. One would get 100 plus yards while the other would get 1-2 touch downs. This brought my point average for wideout and tight end to 15 points each standard scoring.
  4. Draft Strategy/Friendship Strategy

    in regards to your other q's: The upside is significantly smaller with curits and moore Youre not crazy for taking adams over Chubb...but you wouldnt be crazy for taking chubb over adams.
  5. Is it season suicide

    I wouldn't recommend both. The fact that its PPR tells me you should take a stud WR with one of those picks. I'm way down on Gurley this year and I doubt Zeke will fall that far, but if he does he would be a steal. But if you do draft Zeke, make sure to get Tony Pollard and a bunch of other RB's to be safe
  6. Such BS. I like the guy and think he's a great player, especially in that offense. I have him AND Zeke in my big money dynasty league. I am sweatin' big time.
  7. Draft Strategy/Friendship Strategy

    Good question Always typically try to avoid 2 players at same position on same team. In this case, if you're 100% committed to 0 RB strategy AND you're super high on Godwin (always trust your gut over any forums) then you can do a lot worse then picking those 2. Arians is a smart enough offensive mind to get everyone their share of targets...especially because their RB situation is nothing to write home about. Also, the Bucs defense is still dreadful so there will be ton of shootouts and plenty of catching up (passing opportunities) to go around there
  8. Keepers

    yea I'd say that's a no brainer, Keep the ones you said.
  9. I would go with Williams. He's not nearly as talented as Henry, but he's in a much better situation and you'd only be giving up a 7th round pick, which is potentially a spot on your bench. I believe both of their ADP is in the 3rd or 4th round, so you'd be making out if you kept Williams. However, I guess the scoring might come into play too. Is it standard, half, or full PPR?
  10. MB League #2 10 teams

    Thanks, was actually working for once.
  11. I'd go with Williams because of that offense, the fact that there's a lot of scuttlebutt of Hyde not even making the final 53, and the 7th round cost.
  12. Hey everyone. I try not to come up with too elaborate of a draft strategy. I tend to stick with the best player available or team needs approach. However, after recently completing a litany of mock drafts with the 5th pick, which is where I'll be selecting from in my upcoming draft (12 team, PPR scoring), it seems that I always end up with Davante Adams and Mike Evans with my first two picks. Now, this year I am a huge fan of going 0 RB with the first few picks, as I feel you can find a lot of value at RB in the middle rounds and I prefer to get stud receivers early as I feel there is a bit of a drop-off after about the first 10 WR off the board. Having said that, I really like Chris Godwin this year, but his ADP falls around the 3rd or 4th round. What are your thoughts on having both Godwin and Evans on your roster, especially if you're spending 2 of your first 4 picks on them. Does this limit the overall potential of your roster? Also how would you feel about a friendship strategy of say DJ Moore in the 5th round and Curtis Samuel in the 7th, 8th, or 9th? Should I steer clear? Also, am I crazy for taking Davante at 5 and not Chubb, David Johnson, or one of the other top 10 RB's? Thanks.
  13. Keepers

    Nope, it's just the first 4 rounds of the draft (reverse order of last year's standings). If you keep 4 you get no picks in the first 4. If you keep 3 you get a 4th round pick, etc. Also, can't trade for draft picks, so essentially could only trade for other potential keepers.
  14. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    No one saw Stripes?
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  16. Is it season suicide

    Fantasy Impact: Amidst his holdout in Cabo, Zeke has received an offer from Dallas that would make him the second-highest paid RB behind Todd Gurley. Gurley leads the position with an annual salary of $14.3 million, and Le’Veon Bell is second with $13.1 million. Details of Zeke’s offer haven’t been released, but his annual offered salary is likely between those two numbers. His time away from the Cowboys could be nearing the end.
  17. Still looking for more. We have a very fun league with a great group of guys. Let me know if you guys are interested.
  18. Sounds good to me. Chubb has shown he's a beast and everyone, including the Browns coaching staff, has said he will be more involved in the passing he should be. Do you guys remember that crazy over-the-defender catch he had last year against my Bengals.
  19. Is it season suicide

    Zeke is a no brainier at 12. Not so sure Gordon will be playing anytime soon. Unless it's a keeper league I wouldn't even think about it.
  20. The Dreaded 5 Spot

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  21. MB League #2 10 teams

    You guys are turtles. Leagues 1 & 3 are almost done
  22. Nah, send him an equally insulting trade and see what he thinks!
  23. Trade advice: Evans for J Gordon + D Thompson?

    Please don't. Although I'd image that the Commissioner would void it anyway.
  24. Keepers

    Do you lose draft picks? CMC ADAMS KELCE or KITTLE (trade the other) WATSON (Since you can play 2QB's)
  25. Didn't accept it, didn't even offer it. Just considering the possibility. Based on the responses here, it looks as though I shouldn't.
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