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  2. Need QB help - who to pick up

    Brees is out at least 6 weeks. Technically, I can survive without a back-up and go with Rodgers but I would like some insurance. Rodgers hasn't exactly been lighting things up. It is better to pick someone up now in case something happens to Rodgers down the road, my selction of available QBs could be much worse if I hold off. I'll pick up Brissett if I can this week but keep an eye on Winston, Keenum, etc...
  3. Cook 4 CMC

    I have Cook. I wouldn't.
  4. Keeper league trade

    hes banged up right now but i always favor the WR over the QB...especially a pretty unimpressive/replaceable one like jimmy G
  5. Trade advice

    i get its a 14 team and slim pickings but who is available on waiver wire. Way too big of a hole to jump in to start throwing out trade targets not knowing every other team and how each manager operates. If you have a list of FA's or WR's on other teams you were told are available for trade, post them here and you'll prob get a clearer answer if that's not what you're going for then just aim for any WR in high powered offenses, that get a bunch of targets, either had bad matchups first two weeks or you feel under-performed for any other reason
  6. Cook 4 CMC

    I agree with Big Shot Rob. CMC in the long run will do more for you than Cook will.
  7. Cook 4 CMC

    i prob wouldnt overthink it and do it. I get cam might miss time and cook is playing great but cmon....its CMC
  8. Cook 4 CMC

    Standard or PPR I would
  9. Sterling Shepard & Golden Tate

    Nice! What do you think about Shepard?
  10. Trade advice

    My team sitting at 1-1 needs help at WR baaad. Who can I target? 14 team .5PPR QB - Rodgers, Rivers RB - McCaffrey, Fournette, Jaylen Samuels, Hines, Sproles WR - Thielen, ARob, Shepard, Cobb, Conley TE - Henry, Davis First time being in a 14 team and I’d have to say drafting in this kinda league is rough and the waiver wire is slim pickings haha. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  11. Cook 4 CMC

    Standard league
  12. Trade Lamar and roll with Wentz?

    Give it a go, see if he counter offers. Good luck
  13. Cook 4 CMC

    is it PPR?
  14. Only week 2... but is it time to make major change?

    A.J. Green is gonna be super interesting when he gets back in this offense. Hes a buy low I really like.
  15. Keeper league trade

    Hey guys, been mulling over this trade offer and need advice. It's a keeper league and keepers cost following years draft slot, up 3 rounds. Michael Gallup (7th rd. keeper next year) and 8th round pick next year for Jimmy Garoppolo (15th rd. keeper next year) My receiving corp is not too great. I have Thielen, Kirk, D. Robinson, Coutee, and Snead.
  16. Cook 4 CMC

    Do you think I should trade Dalvin Cook 4 CMC?? this is my roster Ryan Saquon, Cook, Kerryon, Singletary, Duke, Gio Evans, Cooks, Dede, John Brown, John Ross, Kirk, Even Engram
  17. Trade Lamar and roll with Wentz?

    Yeah! I get that. He is behind dak in the league settings... Hes just so appealing, with the running bonuses ... He had 48 and 39 points in perspective, I'm just scared of an injury. So start with Odell straight up? Or send an Lamar and Brown for Odell?
  18. Only week 2... but is it time to make major change?

    Conner may get you a Golladay type. Something in that 2nd tier of WR's. Shoot for the moon though. There are people still high on him.
  19. Only week 2... but is it time to make major change?

    Any suggestion on WR to target?
  20. Trade Lamar and roll with Wentz?

    Has he proposal a trade? Go in hard, see how bad he wants Lamar. Settle for no less than Henry/Golladay and maybe throw Breida his way. No matter how good he is, he's still a QB. It doesn't hold the value of a RB or WR.
  21. sounds good. James white is my favorite choice, but I think I'm still going to go for Allen Robinson maybe not TY and Calvin
  22. Weak @ Wideout

    Yeah. Robinson if somehow you get him. If not maybe the best dart throw would be Brown or Pettis. Both have big scars but big upside. AJ sader bet to get snaps though. Pettis would lead to a narrative about time breakout that seems to be about how things are going this year.
  23. Who are you done with?

    Came here to say this. His fantasy points are bad enough but when your HC is calling you out.
  24. Minkah Fitzpatrick traded to Pittsburgh for a 1st round pick

    Shut up Steve, stop being the get off my lawn old man.
  25. Trade Lamar and roll with Wentz?

    No, but the guy is (or should be) desperate so he might flinch.
  26. I would try to move off of James or Chris, I would try to sell it on their standalone value (while dicey) as opposed to mattison. It is a harder sell in standard but I would...
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