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    Tell Me It's Summer - The Fleetwoods
  3. Dynasty startup

    12 team Dynasty startup on sleeper. Already have a strong core and we're only looking to add active owners. Looking for owners who look at joining a dynasty league as of they'll be in it the rest of their lives and not just another league. Scoring is half point PPR Starting lineup will be 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2 flex (rb, wr, te) 20 man active roster with 5 IR Buyin is 20$ per year Blind bid waivers Rookie/Free Agent picks are only eligible to be traded during each yearly rookie/fa draft. Email me at or pm on this site for additional information. Thanks!
  4. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    I texted him this morning so he is aware.
  5. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Waiting on Man GGG to pick or pass 5.01 Hugo - PASS 5.02 Berlin - PASS 5.03 Cantank - PASS 5.04 Man GGG - 5.05 Scaramanga - PASS 5.06 Octoskins - PASS 5.07 Solitaire - PASS 5.08 You Can Try - 5.09 Dr Julius No - PASS 5.10 Thunderballs - 5.11 Mr Big - 5.12 Oddjobs - PASS 5.13 Mud - PASS 5.14 Faberge - PASS
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  7. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    I keep forgetting about Bell. That is a significant safety valve if Bell is a player he used to be. That's a big if
  8. trade monkey and opie - Processed

  9. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Could be a lot better because there is no established #1 WR, but at least it is a bonafide 3 WR set: Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa and Jamison Crowder. There are plenty of teams that can't say that. They have Lev Bell, of course, who will be targeted and also is the safety valve and Herndon (after 2 game suspension) at TE, who was productive and had several excellent games. Better than before and the difference Bell makes should be tremendous.
  10. National Fantasy League 2k19!

    Still looking!
  11. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    He got more out of Cutler than anyone else, for one thing. He actually had Tannehill looking decent on some games. Now that is a major accomplishment. Anyway, the write-up on Gase during the jets HC search fiasco written by the myriad of NFL Network type pundits (many of whom are really sharp like Kirwan, Miller, Polian, and the Gofather of course) sang those praises over and over again. I guess they don't know anything.
  12. Sir Hugo's Hipster Henchmen has until June 18 @ 6:46 AM ET to match $15
  13. Hey all! I'm looking to start a new keeper league, here's some of the basic info: 14 teams, $200 each on LeagueSafe, ESPN online draft Sun 9/1, PPR scoring, Limited Keeper rule (2). To get the rest of the league details, contact me with an email address for a link to the full league rules, settings, and by-laws. Thanks! -Andy
  14. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Who exactly did he develop? Also something to consider is any QB "success" he had was when he was a QB Coach or maybe OC.
  15. Mr. Big gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 2.02 and Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.01 and Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.01 and Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.12 and Year 2019 Draft Pick 5.01 and Year 2019 Draft Pick 5.12 Comments: monkey gives $18
  16. Robert Kraft busted!

    No doubt, haha.
  17. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Wut? Gase is known to be a solid QB developer. Sadly, he has had the likes of Tannehill, Cutler, Simean all after Peyton Manning. I've been following along OTAs and mini camp.... Darnold adores Gase. It's a great match. I'm more worried that the new GM doesn't rebuild the mediocre Oline. Maccagnan draftewd fewer Olineman in the last 4 years than all other GMs. Jets were dead last in drafting OL and it shows. The best thing to ever happen to Darnold is the firing of Bowles and Maccagnan. Say what you will about Gase's commanding and dominant personality type, it's a hell of a lot better than the indecisive Maccagnan and cigar-store Indian Bowles.
  18. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Yup, he's still a few years out but with the right pieces he can be a top 5 in the league type. He has the talent for sure.
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    Leader Of The Band - Dan Fogelberg
  20. One song

    Five Long Years - Buddy Guy
  21. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    I think Darnold will be good eventually. I like him a lot more than Trubisky or Allen, neither of which is as accurate. Who does he have to throw to though right now?
  22. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Exactly. I'm worried that Gase will screw up Darnold's development.
  23. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    If Darnold survives Gase it will be a miracle. Poor bastards.
  24. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Bear Broncos passes Report reply BearBroncos 391 Replied: just now Pass
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