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Bob Cunningham's analysis of Divisional Round


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Bob finally put his finger on the reasons I think the Colts are doomed to lose this weekend. He did pick them to win, so we don't exactly see eye to eye on the game, but the reasons I think the Colts will lose are the reasons he thinks it's possible.


That mainly comes down to 2 things. #1 is the pressure of being the top seed, an honor which has eluded the Colts for a few years now. They could go the other way with it, but because of #2, I think the effect will be detrimental. And that #2 is the emotional drain the last several weeks had had on the team. I am not there to see things, but I can only imagine how the death of Tony Dungy's son must have on that team. They all must feel terrible for their coach, and I would imagine that it is every time they look at him, speak to him, or are spoken to by him.


Again, these factors could very easily work both ways, but I am guessing that the most likely thing will be for that emotional rollercoaster of being 13-0, losing at home to SD, losing James Dungy, losing again, having time off to let all that stuff swirl around in their heads, etc.. will be their downfall. And it's too bad for Indy fans if it happens, because I was one of the people that thought that this team was easily the class of the league before it all happened.

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I am amazed when I see a non-Steeler homer thinking the Colts could blow this game. Misguided homerism? I can understand that. But I have a hard time seeing how a rational thinking person can predict anything but a big Colts victory.


It's like looking at a green field of grass and having someone convince you it is red.


The Colts are a great team, and the only great team in the playoffs. This current Colts offense is one we will remember until we are worm dirt. We are witnessing a rare moment in the NFL. A great team in the age of parity.


Don't let anybody try to convince you that the Steelers will cover the spread in this game. They will not. And by halftime the Colts naysayers will be feeling quite stupid, and wondering what strange spell made them see the red grass.

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I'm not a Colts fan (although I like their coach and players) but when I read CN's post, I had to respond.




1. Sympathy only goes so far. If I'm a Colt...boo hoo. Our beloved coach's son copped himself. That sucks for Coach. But, Coach, get over it cuz I wanna get a ring.


2. They've had 3 weeks to get over the sympathy. By now it's turned into "Let's win one for the Dungster!"


3. They are the most talented team in the league. It's time to show it.


4. It is the Colt's year.


5. If the Steelers win, we gotta listen to Ricky Martin and friends for another week. :D

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