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Big Ben's FF value


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OK - we've all dolled out the love to Big Ben for leading his team to the Super Bowl.


Question here is whether for FF purposes, he becomes more Troy Aikman or more Joe Montana.


As a dynasty keeper league owner of Ben, I want to believe it's the latter. One would have to believe that Cowher would allow him to throw a bit more in 2006 so that maybe they could build up leads to sit on.


Any insights? I guess I could live with 20 throws a game, as long as an average of 2 of those throws are for scores.

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He's similar to Tom Brady imo. Brady will finally move up, probably into the top 5 this year, but before he was never a good fantasy QB. Until Roethlisberger has a very productive season, he probably won't break the top 10.







I think you'll see Brady's production be somewhat proportional to how the running game improves. If it gets better, he settles in averaging a little under 250 yds and about 1.5-1.75 TDs per game. 3800 yards, 25 TDs.


I don't see Roethlisberger putting up numbers quite that good yet, but he should be a viable starter and will probably be a nice value pickup as a later round fantasy starter. I think in what you get at other positions for waiting and taking a guy like this he makes up for not quite being a top flight fantasy QB.


EDIT: This is AKA Tom Brady 2003-2004

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loaf - that's part of my thinking


maybe Ben gets a few more running scores without the bus







The Steelers will find another bruiser to fill his role.


I can see Ben passing more in the future, but we're not gonna see a run and shoot approach from PIT anytime soon :D

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I seem to remember Maddox throwing quite a bit that one year, but my memory could be off. I would say the plan would be to find someone to replace the Bus and be a run first team, but sometimes those plans don't work out. I wouldn't expect more than a top 10 or 12 qb though.

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I think Roethlisberger will put up better fantasy numbers next year. I think it might be a situation like Indy this year and last. Edge was disappointing last year form a fantasy perspective because the Colts were so pass happy. But this year, he was a bit more productive as defenses really focused on the Colts passing attack. Not that I think Ben will ever put up really big fantasy numbers, but I could see the Steelers moving a bit more to the passing game next year. This year, Pittsburgh was 5th in the league in rushing and 24th in passing (YPG). I think, out of necessity, that will be a little bit more balanced next year. Also, as someone mentioned above, he may get a few more rushing or short passing TDs once Bettis retires.

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