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Dynasty league trade question?


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Should I do this in a dynasty league, I'm leaning towards yes. My roster is below.


My roster is below, no ppr. 1pt/10yds rush/rec., 6pts/TD. Passing 1pt/20 yds., 4pts./TD We start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, pk, def. Unlimited keepers.






PK-Vinatieri, Brown


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I thought it was spelled like the chew (skoal) Vikings



Hey, was I the one who busted your balls on that? :D


As for the trade, its tough to give up a guy like Alexander, but I like the Jackson/Brown combo while adding potential and depth to your RB and QB position. I think I would do it.

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I am the only one that disagrees. I understand the depth issue at QB, but I also believe Palmer will be ready week 1. I think you need the upgrade at WR. Holt and Moss are on the decline and R Williams has done nothing but disappoint from a fantasy perspective. I think it would be better for you to get a WR like Chad Johnson, or someone of his stature, over Eli Manning.


It would be nice if you could get Steven Jackson and Chad Johnson for Alexander but I don't see that happening.


Just my :D


good luck

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I don't like it. I may be in the minority here, but I really don't like the way Eli played during the second half of last season. I thought it was kind of a crucial time for him to step up and he instead went into total remission. Once teams took Plax away over the top, his only line of defense was to try and force balls to Jeremy Shockey all day. Thank god Tiki Barber is amazing at bailing out their offense. I had very high hopes for Eli, but my optimism definitely got a bit more cautious going into next season. I don't think he has progressed as quickly as most think he has, and it will be interesting to see how much more comfortable an offseason has made him.


I think Chris Perry has no immediate impact possibilites. Period. Even if he starts for a few weeks.


What it comes down to is Stephen for Shaun. I LOVE Stephen Jackson. That said, with the WR's you have, I would keep Shaun and work hard for a ring this year, if it were me. That's what I do this for. You very well may have a different opinion about how to run a franchise, and if it is pretty important to you to get younger, then do the trade.

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The trade is:


He gives:








Anyway, this is the best advice you will get from anyone short of the almighty.. ACCEPT THIS TRADE! Sjax will be a top 5 RB even this season. Eli is looking to be a top 5 QB, Perry is a wash no need to keep him. So go accept it and send me a thank you in the mail :D

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