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Seattle airport removes Christmas trees.


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they're now talking about putting them back as well as displaying a menorah..... what a silly story that's getting way too much pub. :D


they had some rabbi steven goldsteinwasserbergman - whatever on the news this AM & pointed out about 3 times that the White house displays a menorah.... so airports should too. :D

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Seriously, there is just way too much of this crap. I'd send all these whining bastages to Iraq so they'd really have something to complain about.


best post yet.


And credit to the people who decided to take it all down rather than get even more wrapped up in PC BS. Hope you're happy and way to go rabbi, you whiny moron. lol @ being "appalled" at them taking the stuff down after he threatened to SUE over this. What a POS. Sue over Christmas trees at an airport?? Get a life Mr Steinenbergetc.


Send him to Iraq and let him see what REAL religious intolerance is like.

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