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J. Lewis VS M. Barber III

lawn saver

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I started Barber over Lewis last week and it cost me the guarantee for first (No playoffs)


I am 2 games up with 2 weeks left (Dont play during week 17)


Do I stick with Barber III, or play it safe with Jamal?


Peformance scoring. Bonuses over 100, 150, and 200 yards rushing, and the longer the td, the more points...


I also have McGahee, but he wasnt even in the picture, because of how well MIA is playing


WHats the word?? Thanks!

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I'm a Dallas fan and I'm saying go with J Lewis as he'll get the yardage and possible TD whereas Barber will get you about 40 yds at best and you have to hope for multiple TDs but he should be good for 1. Lewis should have 1 as well plus at least double the yardage if not more.

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