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Go Mountaineers


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Wow, talk about a team that nobody wants to schedule. There's at least a dozen teams that play in BCs conferences that App St. could likely beat (well, by saying this I meant bad teams like the Mississippi schools, Stanford, "Cuse, etc not Michigan who they're currently beating).


At any rate, so you bring in a well coached and solid 1-AA team like App St. If you win, big deal, you just beat a 1-AA school. If you lose, you're freaking toast. Meanwhile, you kick U Conn's ass and still get to claim that you schedule non-conference games against schools in BCS conferences.


Oh, and yes, go freaking App St!

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nope USA-USSR 1980 is still bigger

Gotta agree with this one. First off, we don't even know yet how good UM is this year. In fact, they were a popular pick to be the most overrated team in the preseason rankings. Secondly, App St is not your typical 1-AA school. I mean, they are two time defending champs.


Don't get me wrong. Massive, massive upset to be sure. Especially in the big house but...

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We're talking the no.5 team in the nation to a team that isn't even in Division 1A football...

I don't care though, as I couldn't care any less about hockey.

That could have more to do with how useless pre season rankings are than the magnitude of the upset. Because a bunch of guys who are basically all guessing at who is good decided UM was #5 shouldn't really have that much bearing on the historical significance of this loss. I mean, UM could end up 7-5 this year for all we know and then, all of a sudden, this doesn't look so insane.

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