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what in the hell is Kornhole talking about?


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:wacko: Korheiser is a major TOOL.


whats he apologizing about? I missed the beginning of his ramble.


Earlier in the broadcast they gave you a sound bit from the ESPN Deportes booth. Kornheiser said something like "They either said nobody was going to catch him or pick up my dry cleaning, I'm not sure which."


This is the only thing I heard him say that could have offended anyone. Unless he is just apologizing for speaking at all.

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You have chosen to ignore all posts from: LooGie.


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· Squeeze me a little harder LooGie


You know what? I'm happy I could be a part of your non-stop struggle. You truly are a man of your virtues, and I am proud, PROUD I say, to be a rung in your ladder of life.


You see, there are 2 types of men. Those that FEEL THE NEED, and those NEED TO FEEL.


Most men feel the need to be good fathers

Most men feel the need to be good husbands

Most men feel the need to be good people.


You won't be bothered by such trivial things. You need to feel.


You need to feel important on a fantasy football message board. This is your virtue. This is your place and lot in life. That's why you ignore those with different opinions than yours. It makes you feel big, and powerful. But see, you aren't capable of simply ignoring. You have to show your high power and actually post the ignore for ALL to see. It's empowering to you.


Even when annoyed by those with different opinions, most men FEEL THE NEED to be somewhat disciplined and courteous. Not you. You feel no such things. Trivial they are.


When you go into a FF Advice thread and that user has already been ignored, you are incapable of simply leaving. You cannot simply move along. This would go against the fiber of your entire being. All that you are is the Huddle, and you'll be damned if someone doesn't know your power within.


I know you're a father.

I know you're a husband.

I know you're a man.

But I also know, the most important thing in your life is The Huddle. You can't deny it. Just look at your posts.

Therefore, I am happy to help a person become one step closer to their only goal in life. If ignoring me will help put your soul to rest, or at least get you a fraction closer to it, then by God I am ECSTATIC to do it. Ignore me Grits. You've earned it.


While I'm sure your wife and son have no idea quite how powerful you are, I can't help but feel sorry for them. Perhaps they are holding you back from your cosmic destiny. I can only imagine that not being able to completely "ignore" them (even more so) only splinters your soul and cracks your already diminishing satisfaction of life, and the world around you.

Hang in there, man. One day, you shall climb your Everest, and catch your unicorn. It's only a matter of time and a lack of family virtues and basic humility.

:wacko: You will truly leave your mark, here on the Huddle.

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