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is this a hate crime?


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"There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club."


What a stupid comment by the President of the club.


Without this comment (and some of the comments by members of the pool) this would not be an issue.


But how would this be a "hate crime"? What "crime" was committed? If the private pool exceeded capacity, then they are subject to state laws for safe pool operations (at least we have that in Illinois).

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This story will get more media attention than the mob of black people who attacked the white people. Gotta love it.

This is a VERY sad truth. It already has!


This country is a mess. It isn't Obamas fault, or Bushes, or any of the others before them. It is a combination of all of them and more so our own fault.

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I wouldn't call it a hate crime, but it could be considered racist by some. The comment by the president of the club are unforgivable even if the use of complexion was meant as overall aspect or character (which is probably what he meant), and not skin color. I can't believe a private club would rent out it's pool to any kind of camp. If my country club rented out it's pool, I'd leave the club.

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If my country club rented out it's pool, I'd leave the club.


I dont know the specifics, but this sounds more like a community pool/ subdivision clubhouse that is looking to make some extra $$ for the Homeowners association. I know my community clubhouse/pool explored this option, but most of the members didnt want to do it . . . .

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