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Most Points Scored & Most Points Scored Against


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Leading the league in most points scored by 60 points but also have the most points scored against me by 30.  Sitting in 10th place out of 12 teams at 2 and 6.  This is some bullmanure.


My team (H2H 12 team)

Dak Prescott

AJ Green,  Hopkins, Baldwin, Tate

Lamar Miller, Ajayi, Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery

Gronkowski, Seferian Jenkins


Made a ton of trades to get to where I am now, not paying off.



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8 minutes ago, Ryan8227 said:

Yeah, my RB situation sucks.  But your fantasy team's overall record is relative to the other teams in your league and how many points they score.  Not necessarily how good your team is in a vacuum.  I know switching to Rotisserie is the answer.

Rotisserie is not fun. Either way, this is what makes fantasy football fun, our inability to predict the future. Studs are not a guaranteed path to winning. We just try to mitigate the inevitable, that only one person in the league will win.

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I'm in the same boat.  It can make for big swings though.  Was 0-3 in last place but after today I'll be 4-5 in 4th place since all the guys with the same record are at least 100 pts behind me.  All I need to do is hold 4th to get into the playoffs.  From there, my one time last place team is strong enough to win the whole thing.

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You always have a shot if you are in the playoffs, even if its the last seed.


For the past 2 years in a money league I've been 1st place all season in both points and record, but haven't won yet.


In 1st for points this year, but currently in 7th place in 14 team league. Soon to be 4-5


It happens. Thankfully in my Dynasty we reward high points with salary cap reductions

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We have an all pay system for the 6th and final playoff spot, top 5 records get a spot, then the 6th spot goes to the team with the highest all play record out of the remaining teams. It rewards a team like yours that has been very consistent and just had bad luck going up against the highest scoring team of the week. So your score goes up against every other score for the week and the number of scores you beat, you get a W, ties don't count for anything, just a W. It's been a great way to keep teams with low records interested all the way to the end. 

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Have seen it happen many times, right now in our league #2 score (24 behind first) also has the most PA (by 50) and is 5-4. His scores are all over the place from week to week, (70,88,108,124,66,71,64,71,93) and he faced a few high scores. Also a factor in PA, if you have divisions and play those teams more often than others, if the division has good scoring teams you have more PA.


This owner's all play record isn't great at 58-40-1, or about the same as his 5-4 record.


Sometimes the high scoring team loses a lot because of inconsistency, not simply playing the highest scoring team frequently.

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