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2022 Payment Thread


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Payment for $65 pieces of eight to commissioner for league dues is due! Paypal or venmo accepted. I can take checks if need be (PM or email me for my mailing addy for checks if you need it.  It's the same as last year). Payment info is below…..

PayPal: henson.melanie@gmail.com

Venmo: https://venmo.com/David-Henson-17

Thanks all and good luck Pirates!


2022 Paid:

Th’ Black Pearl

San Dimas Sea Dogs - (Trojanmojo) - MFL software paid on May 24, 2022 ($149.95); league dues paid via bank transfer on May 25 = $65

ARRe-gon's Rum Runners - (Devilwoman) - league dues paid via paypal on May 27 = $65

Sin City Scallywags - (Gullydog) - league dues paid via paypal on June 18 = $65

Quaker Cove Wench Vessel - Iris Karasick (Iris) - league dues paid via venmo on July 25 = $65

Cincinnati Gives No Quarter - Douglas Richards (dug)- league dues paid via venmo on August 1 = $65

Redondo Jolly Rodgers - Kevin Krump (KRUMP) - league dues paid via venmo on August 8 = $65

Whitecourt Blackbeards - Vic Steil (McLucksack) - league dues paid via paypal on August 18 = $65

Chesapeake Bay Pirates - Matt Weaver (Vcuram00) - league dues paid via venmo on August 20 = $65


Th’ Flyin’ Dutchman

Mauraders of Island Long - (FWmaker) - league dues paid via venmo on June 10 = $65

Tortuga Gibbits - Ryan Kofman (TBD) - league dues paid via venmo on July 26 = $65

Green  Bay Hornswagglers - John Hansen (Big John) - league dues paid via paypal on August 1 = $65

SoCal ChARRRRRRgers - Jordan Greenberg (SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers) league dues paid via venmo on August 2 = $65

St. Augustine Swashbucklers - Tim Strickler (GoTitans84) - league dues paid via venmo on August 4 = $65

Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers - Matt Hendrickson (Black Jack Bednarik) - league dues paid via personal check #2295 on August 12 = $70

Vanowen Vanquishers- Mike R Burt (TBD) - league dues paid via venmo on August 20 = $65

We Ho Coxswains - Andrew Woloz (AWOLOZ) - league dues paid via venmo on August 20 = $65




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On 5/27/2022 at 3:57 AM, devilwoman said:

ORr'egon RumRunners has deposited it's pieces of eight to pillage and plundarrrrrr the seas.  Best be lookn over yer shoulders matties, we comin fer ye.  :DW:


aye received!

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42 minutes ago, Black Jack Bednarik said:

This going to be $65 or $70 because of the vote for B.2?


Good question! Until we get a few more votes in that’s tough to say. We only have 50% of the league having voted. I’ll send a reminder out to vote tonight or tomorrow.

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