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Who are the top offensive prospects for the NFL?


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I'm not necessarily talking about Heisman candidates... And, I'm only really interested in offensive players. A few come to mind, off the top of my head...


Position, year, college...



Eli Manning, Junior (?), Ole Miss



Kevin Jones, Sophomore (?), Va Tech

Cedric Benson, Junior (?), UTexas

Frank Gore, Junior (?), Miami Fla



Roy Williams, Senior, UTexas

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RB Greg Jones(FSU) a 250 lb badass. If he can stay healthy he should be a first rounder.

You've got that right!!!!! I guess because of his injury last year, no one is giving him love for any post season awards. Suprising to me.
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Reggie Williams from Washington is nothing short of T.O. Last year it was my job to review gametapes of the top receivers that may go into last years draft, including him, and he is head and shoulders above the other Williams's and even more so ahead of Charles Rogers.

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Well, gents, I'm in a NFL fantasy league that actually allows drafting college guys...you've got to carry them all year long on your roster...and, if you would like to keep them (or any other player you draft for that matter), you can keep them the next year for a pick three rounds earlier than you picked them in the previous year.


So, taking Kevin Jones in the 11th round will cost me an 8th rounder next year should I decide to keep him...and taking Maurice Clarett in the 15th will cost me a 12th next year...and, if Clarett stays (which I really don't think he will...imho, he'll challenge the rule), then, he'll only cost me a 12th for his junior season and a 9th his rookie season...



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Don't forget the other Williams, Mike W. from USC. Only a sophomore, he'll get better and better and hopefully stay around for 3 more years. Norm Chow's system makes him and Leinart look good. It's no coincidence that Chow picked up on Phillip Rivers as a freshman at NC State when he was there, and look at him.


I know, spoken like a true Trojan fan.

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Sorry Muck - didn't answer your Q with the last one. Do you need to use them in the NFL to get points? If you're looking for the earliest contributors for fantasy points, its considered a safer bet to take rookie RBs than WRs becuz of the learning curve (higher for WRs with RBs being more "instinctual"). But you could get equal long-term value with a WR, I guess.


Identifying the next Jerry Rice is a total crapshoot - maybe look at those small schools :D Good luck.

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Might be a Wide Receiver year. I don't think I've seen so many unbelievable catches in one year....let alone one day (Saturday) ! If you think WRs going #2 and #3 in the 2003 draft was a big deal....wait until you see 4 in the top 10 this year. wink


But alas.....we forget that the Heismann is supposed to be awarded to the best player in college ball. To me....that means most impact for his team. Not necessarily the most passing yards....or rushing yards....or receptions.


Given that....I'd go with a longshot....Chris Gamble - Ohio State. He plays both sides of the ball....nearly every down (and kickoff returns) last year. You might say it's a homer pick for me....but if you knew me....you'd know I'd never post this just to be a homer. wink


He's not going to have your standard WR numbers...but his receptions are the big ones that setup TDs. His cornerback abilities are superior. He won't be playing that position nearly as much this year as last.....but he's very "Deion Sanders-like". Big INTs....big playmaker. Never looks winded.....in this day and age of very specialized position players, and having to rotate your team in and out of a game to stay fresh....he's a rare find!


QBs are an easy pick....they "lead" their teams. RBs and WRs have the stats to prove they belong in the Heismann hunt. But Gamble is the guy that catches the longball and makes your QB look great....spreads the defense so your RBs look good.....AND makes the big TOs and stops on defense to get your offense the ball back.


Easily the most impact of any individual player on a team in my book. cool_thu


Sorry......sort of sidetracked on the Heismann run already.......but he's easily one of the top picks for the NFL Draft as well. wink

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Thanks to all...but, as noted above, I've already picked...last weekend...and got Kevin Jones (VaTech) and Maurice Clarett (OSU...sorta...)


PS - While ADavis (UWisc) is a very productive college player, he is tiny...at best, he'll be a scat back in the NFL.

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