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Okeafor leaves because of attitude


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Man, after signing the big 3, it just gets worse.  They need to address their D in a hurry.







Okeafor was the best D-lineman for the Hawks last season, but the D-line of the Hawks sucked. The linebackers were even worse. The D-backs took a hit with the loss of Lucas, but frankly, he isn't worth what the Panthers paid for him.


It's not like the defense is getting better, I realize that, but it's not like they are losing Mean Joe Greene here either.

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As a Seahawk fan I'm worried about next year already.


The D sucked last year, and it looks signifcantly worse for next year. The Rams will be a more physical team with Steven Jackson and the Hawks struggle with power games, and the Cardinals will land a stud back in either Henry, Edge, or the draft, and the Niners have to be better.


The Hawks need to get the Alexander issue taken care of and move on to the other needs. Get him signed and draft defensively. Sign Andre Dyson to play opposite Tru and make some strides!

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