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    Loving my wife, 2 beautiful kids, and my little miracle, Colin. Enjoy my gorgeous house and be thankful for everyday that I have the opportunity to make more happy memories!

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  1. Thx for taking this thing over Dcat and running with it. The real deal is here, enjoy all!
  2. Looks like the saints and AP are currently in negotiations, seems like Peterson will be a saint.
  3. LMAO!
  4. I'm proud of you for coming out Darin, we don't love you any less. :Irishwink:
  5. Not shocked to hear he was bi, my gaydar went off when it came to him. Regardless, I feel terrible for his family and truly a waste of talent.
  6. Steelers select S, Budda Baker, Washington.
  7. No big deal at all, it's a mock draft and you're doing a great job!
  8. Big F you to Blount!
  9. Yeah, this morning, I left Dcat three players to choose from for the Carolina Panthers pick but I guess I wasn't clear enough in regard to just taking one of those guys. With that said the Carolina Panthers select Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn.
  10. If the browns get Mahomes in the 2nd after passing on QB in round 1, that'd be awesome.
  11. Steelers select - Takkarist McKinley, DE/OLB, UCLA
  12. I was going watt for the Steelers if he was still there.
  13. The Cowboys select Charles Harris, DE, Missouri
  14. Just heard it on the radio. He was not under the influence in any way. Man, this is brutal!
  15. The Carolina Panthers go stiff-arming, hurdling and spin-moving through the crowd with the card that says RB, Leonard Fournette on it!