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  2. Cardinals darin3 Kyler Murray Cardinals darin3 Erik McCoy Cardinals darin3 Deebo Samuel Nice trio.
  3. Tyreek Hill again...

    Just imagine if he gets a year-long suspension and gets released by KC. What was a tremendous offense to start 2018 could be much less formidable in 2019.
  4. Denver's new QB from round 1 needs a new security guard. Let's see Phillip Lindsay sneak around this guy who will be a wall the likes of which Donald Trump could only dream of. Never thought he would fall this far... the Broncos select Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston Coll @GREENBEAN otc
  5. Holy crap @jrokh, Look at all the firepower you are giving Josh Allen! I like it. Brown's speed + Allen's arm = Daryl Lamonica to Warren Wells. Look it up. The rest of the AFCEast better get some FAST corners.
  6. and I think Josh Rosen for Deebo is great for Arizona and well worth it.
  7. The Bills Marketing department is about to go into overdrive as they start their campaign featuring t-shirts with "Hollywood and the Hock" With the 40th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft The Buffalo Bills select from the University of Oklahoma, WR, Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. @Dcat the Broncos are OTC
  8. Nice move @GREENBEAN getting that OT right in front of the Bills.
  9. there's no making it. It sounds bad. Unless someone else did it. The press knows sh*t. It's under investigation. I wonder how much the Chiefs FO knows. There are a smaller number of cases where the mother was abusive, but it does happen.
  10. @GREENBEAN is having log in issues with the forum. It's pretty hard to wrap your head around being forced to have a separate log in for the forum section of theHuddle. It's so 1999. And that there is no immediate password reset and you have to talk to tech support to fix it. Wow. Did I say 1999? make that 1995. With the 39th pick of theantiquatedHuddle Draft, Tampa Bay selects Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss Bills are up @jrokh
  11. Damn. Not sure if there's any coming back from that if it were abuse.
  12. Things that were mild surprises in round 1 (for me): Risner, Harry, Baker (who I picked for the chiefs.... more on that mistake in a moment..) but most of all, one of my favorite targets for mid round 2: Jenkins. For KC, my gut instinct said WR. Everyone knows Hill is at risk of a lengthy suspension but its still under investigation.. so easy to ignore the risk. So I went with a corner. Today I read this in another thread and got a call from Mark Donovan that said I'm close to being fired and not to f up the rest of the draft.
  13. Slow 24 hrs that started with me last night. Well it was a very good 1st round! It will pick up tomorrow and maybe ok on Saturday. Easter Sunday probably next to dead. We'll see. Next 10 picks: Greenbean jrokh Dcat Greenbean Big John Big John jrokh Wpob Dcat jrokh
  14. Tyreek Hill again...

    If the below occurred, have to think things are only going to get worse. Whole adage of smoke and fire and all... Per Rotoworld:
  15. Demaryius Thomas to Texans?

    Another body is all it is. Does it really matter which one in that offense?
  16. NFL schedule released tomorrow, WED April 17

    Your right and I totally get it. I just don't like it. I see 3 blowouts there.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Was between him and Samuel for the Cards. Cards need edge rusher too but felt WR was the more pressing need especially with a "new look offense" Good pick, he once had a 1st-round grade but has looked kinda off during workouts. Has talent and measurables so he'll probably come around. Fits nicely with what JAC does defensively and being from Florida, could be an easier transition.
  19. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft (selections only)

    With the 38th pick in the 2019 #TheHuddle NFL Mock Draft, your Sacksonville Jaguars select Jachai Polite, DE, Florida @GREENBEAN - Tampa Bay is up
  20. Niners really wanted Greedy but Ya-Sin is rocketing up people's draft boards so we're happy enough. This secondary is garbage, needs a stud on the outside. Samuel is another guy that's shooting up the draft boards. Christian Kirk is a solid WR but is more adept at inside routes. Samuel is more of a true #1 WR and can learn under Fitz for a year or two.
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  22. With the 37th pick the Arizona Cardinals take Deebo Samuel, WR South Carolina @Shorttynaz is up
  23. With the 36th pick the Niners select Rock Ya-Sin, CB Temple
  24. Demaryius Thomas to Texans?

    He also has a reporting bonus of $150,000. So if he gets cut at the 53 man cutdown, he'll have made $300,000. But he might have to pass a physical in July to get the reporting bonus. If he isn't running well by July, he might be cut before training camp even starts and will only get the signing bonus. Both ASJ and Demaryius might be long shots to make the roster and Belichick might already know it.
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