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  2. Week 2 Milk Carton

    My whole team, .5pt PPR league D. Jones K. Drake D. Johnson N. Hines A. Thielen M. Gallup Butker Wash. D Grand Total of 49.72 points. Woohoo
  3. Rojo or Nyhem Hines Ppr

    So disappointing!! I plugged him in too, UGH!!
  4. How bout them Cowboys!

    Crazy that they pulled it off but the Falcons special teams coach should be fired. Clearly his players didn’t know that they didn’t have to wait for the ball to go 10 yards before touching it
  5. Kittle out

  6. Today
  7. Trade offer

    It's not a terrible offer. It just puts you in a tough spot of having to make room on your roster.
  8. Trade offer

    Thats what I was thinking also. Thanks guys. Ha no matter how dumb a trade offer is I always put it on here incase I'm missing something
  9. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    I believe they all score more TDs. I could be wrong but for me he's not in that company yet. For me 70 yards a game isn't special. Just my opinion.
  10. This isn't fantasy, it's real life. He's right where he should be for his caliber of play (i.e. Thielen, Kupp, Landry, etc.)
  11. Trade offer

    It's lopsided. Now you'd have to release players to fit them on the roster. Hell no
  12. Sell Ekeler?

    It depends on what you need. If you need a WR then yes. Godwin is a stud
  13. D Hopkins Trade

    No, don't do that. He's all you have right now.
  14. One song

    Two Sleepy People - Fats Waller
  15. Mcl sprain

    I wouldn't drop him just yet. Wait and see how bad the injury is.
  16. Week 2 Chat

    Defensively it did. There was zero defense in that game.
  17. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    Yes,.1100 yards is great but I need more than 2 TDs for that money. None this year so far. Tyler Boyd gives me better numbers.
  18. Russel Wilson

    Last night was unbelievable. That was a thing of beauty.
  19. How bout them Cowboys!

    No I'm not a Cowboys fan but that was awesome. And what happened to these forums? Seems like not long ago it was all about the Cowboys. @Cowboyz1 @CowboysDiehard Haven't seen these guys post much of anything lately.
  20. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    He had 1200+ yards in 18 and 1100 plus last year. That's an exclusive club.
  21. Russel Wilson

    On the season he is 51 for 63 for 610 yards and 9 TDs. 3 of those incompletions were "drops" which includes the pick 6 against New England. He has 9 TD passes to 12 incompletions. That is absolutely insane.
  22. D Hopkins Trade

    Hell no. Swift will ball. Dont ever trade Hopkins
  23. Chubb trade targets

    Yup. Dont like chubb but your team is suddenly weak. Id target carson, Kelley, gibson
  24. D Hopkins Trade

    I lost Barkley and Mostert today and my RB situation isn't pretty. I'm hoping Mostert will only be out a couple weeks but here is what I'm left with after today's carnage... RB - Ingram II, Swift, Howard WR - Hopkins, AJ Brown, Lamb, Fuller V Would offering Hopkins for Miles Sanders be a decent/fair trade?
  25. Zero QB revisited

    I completely hear you. I'm in 2 big money FFPC leagues and in one league Wilson dropped to us at 8.1. In the other we have Stafford and Jones as a backup. In the latter league we almost took Matt Ryan at a point and passed. Minshew was a diamond in the rough because he makes plays and he needs to throw a ton to stay in games. Not sure if going on the perceived upside with Daniel Jones was a good idea.
  26. Zero QB revisited

    The QBs are putting up big numbers so having a bad one right now kills you. I got Cam off waivers, but I usually do the same as you. I started with Stafford, picked up Roethlisberger. Which would have been ok, but a bad one right now hurts. I am guessing the games tighten up a little as things get more polished but no guarantee
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