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WR help


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League 1 standard scoring


WR: need 2 (* who I have now)


*S.Smith v. Minn

*Driver @ Cincy - Favres only option

Burelson @ Car - good match up but worth a start over Driver?

TJ Housh v. GB - see above

Hakim v. NO


League 2 bonus for over 100 yds rush/rec; 300 yds passing


WR: need 3

*C.Johnson v. GB

*Driver @ Cincy

*Curtis v. Jax

Glenn v. Ariz

TJ Housh v. GB


and a QB ?



*Brunell @ NYG

Favre @ Cincy - keep changing my mind on this one


Ok so my WR all have nice matchups, gotta keep Driver in right?


So what do you think?



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League 1: Driver and S. Smith. No brainer IMO


League 2: Johnson, Driver and I'd go with TJ. Palmer went to TJ 11 times last week. He looks for him often and he should have a very solid day vs the Pack. Glenn's not a bad option either. I'd play either one over Curtis.


League 3: That's a tough one. Can't go wrong with either IMO. I'd probably go with Brunell. The Giants have one of the worst pass defenses in the league right now. I see Favre having good numbers as well but also have 2-3 int's.

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League 1 - stick with what you have


League 2 - My only change may be Glenn over Curtis, as the Jags D may worry Martin.


QB - You can't go wrong with either one.  I'd probably go with Favre.


All IMO  - GL!






Same as above, only I would go with Brunnell (ride the hot hand)

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