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Preseason 20 Questions Standings


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We had our annual 20 questions contest last summer and the results are almost all in. To refresh you, below are the 20 questions with their correct answers. There were many questions which had no one guessing correctly.


20 Questions:



1. Who is the offensive MVP this year?	Shaun Alexander2. Who is the offensive Rookie of the Year?	Cadillac Williams3. Who will throw for the most touchdowns?	Carson Palmer (32)4. Who will rush for the most touchdowns?	Shaun Alexander (27)5. Who will receive for the most touchdowns?	Harrison S Smith (12)6. Who will throw for the most passing yards?	Tom Brady (4110)7. Who will rush for the most yards?	Shaun Alexander (1880)8. Who will receive for the most yards?	St Smith (1563)9. Who will kick for the most points (NFL points)?	Jay Feely (148)10. Which defense will have the most sacks?	MIA SEA (49)11. Which defense will have the most turnover recoveries?	CIN (44)12. Which special teams will score the most return touchdowns?	PIT CLE NYG MIN HOU WAS (2)13.Which rookie will rush for the most yards?	Cadillac Williams (1178)14. Which rookie will score the most rushing touchdowns?	Brandon Jacobs (7)15. Which rookie will catch for the most receiving yardage?	Reggie Brown (571)16. What is the longest field goal made this year?	Edinger Nedney (56)17. Which headcoach will be the first to be fired/quit?	Steve Mariucci18. Which team will win the AFC?	Pittsburgh19. Which team will win the NFC?	Seattle20. Who wins the Superbowl? Pittsburgh



After crunching the numbers, below are the only teams still in the race of the 88 people that gave it a shot. Each board name is followed by a set of parentheses which contains the current number correct and then the total possible depending on the next two weekends.




menudo (6)2. Cadillac Williams5. Marvin Harrison12. Steelers13. Cadillac Williams18. Steelers20. Steelersdarin3 (6)2. Carnell "Cadillac" Williams5. Marvin Harrison12. Pittsburgh Steelers13. Cadillac Williams18. Pittsburgh Steelers20. Pittsburgh Steelers



If Pittsburgh wins, then we have a two way tie between Menudo and Darin3. Their tie breaker is the length of the longest FG in the Super Bowl. Darrin3 has 43 yards and Menudo has 49 yards. I will consider the winner to be the person with the closest number to the correct one, so that Darin 3 wins if the kick is <46 and Menudo wins if the longest kick is >46. If the kick is exactly 46, I'll throw a free membership to both.




With the Steelers win, both Menudo and Darin are tied with six correct (man - that is like scoring a 30 on a twenty question test). The tie breaker was the longest FG and Josh Brown had the only field goal in the game which was for 47 yards. That makes Menudo the winner by one yard.


Free membership for Menudo next year and chances are this is not what he considers the best part of the Superbowl.


Salute both Darin and Menudo!

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Wow. Even more pressure on the Steelers winning it all. If I'm reading this right, if the Steelers win it all, I get at least a tie. If the Steelers beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl, I win ?


What are the prizes, if any, for this contest ?

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Wow is right!!!!


This absolutely puts more pressure on the Steelers to win it all.









You couldn't figure out that I meant pressure on me ? Oh, you are a sycophant continuing the pile-on......... ::D

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"A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you, saying "that was f'cking awesome


Love the sig line!! been there, done that..


as for the 20 questions. I'm guessing my Preist Holmes predictions cost me the title :D

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What if there are no Field Goals kicked?  I know that is not probable, but is possible.



Then tie goes to Darin3, since he was closer... :D

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That is actually how I would work it.







I don't believe that was made clear in writing before I picked 49 !!!! :D


DMD, I am only kidding, that is fair enough. :D

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And if there are no FGs kicked and Seattle wins, the tiebreaker goes to me.  38 is closer to zero than all the other guesses.  :D







Your longest field goal guess what matter....... :D

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First the Steelers win and now this. There may be no living with Menudo now. He may end up as the only person to win a free membership in a contest and get banned from the boards. :D

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