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keeper help?d. mcallister


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I can keep 6 players.....I've decided to keep these 4 for sure.


Clinton Portis

Antonio Gates

Steve Smith

Drew Bledsoe


because of the keeper guidelines, I've got a couple of options....


Should I also keep Deuce Mcallister and Terry Glenn?


Just Reuben Droughns?


Just Willie Parker?


these are my only 3 options to add to my 4 keepers I already decided on.

Keepers do not effect the draft, I'll still have a first round pick.

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Why are you keeping Bledsoe? Just wondering. I assume there must be some kind of limitation on keepers or something.


I can keep 6 players...limitations are 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D....plus I can only keep up to 3 players drafted from rounds 1-6....and up to 3 players from the rest of my roster. Drew Bledsoe just happens to be the only decent QB on my roster.






now what would be the best value to add to that list


1) Deuce McAllister(rd.1) and Terry Glenn(rd.16)

2) Reuben Droughns(trade)

3) Willie Parker(waiver)

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Droughns td total last year was horrendous, he scored twice. He had three 100 yds. plus games. Parker's td totals were better last year as well as 100 yds. plus games, he had 5. Cleveland has a tough schedule which means they may be playing from behind alot which translates into more passing than running. Pittsburgh is still gonna pound the ball so I look for Parker to have the better year and better upside as a keeper.

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Deuce for a round 1 would be too much. I'd go Dorughens as the Browns are improving and the rook isn't ready yet.


It won't cost him a draft pick. He can keep McAllister, but it would be at the expense of Droughns or Parker. (My league is set up the same way his is.)


I would be tempted to keep McAllister if I thought I could reach Bush, but since RBs will be scarce in the draft, Bush may be one of the first players off the board. I think you have to keep a guy that you know will play just to protect yourself and that means keaping either Droughns or Parker. When it comes to picking between the two, it depends on what's more important to you: Consistent but decidedly unspectacular production with Droughns or feast or famine with Parker. Honestly, I think I would keep Droughns since the rest of your crew can rack up the points and you just need Droughns to chip in with solid yardage and the occassional TD. I would keep Glenn as well if possible. I wouldn't expect his numbers change much from his 2005 totals. Having TO lining up on the other side of the field will probably help him more than it will hurt him.

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