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If you HAD to...


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I have to keep one of the following players for this coming season. Which would you keep?


Mike Anderson or Rod Smith?


I'm already keeping Ronnie Brown. We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a Flex. It's a 12 team league and the draft position hasn't been decided yet.


My initial gut reaction is keep Anderson:


1. He's a RB


2. Perhaps Anderson will get the goal line carries (ie Bettis)


3. Perhaps Lewis will end up injured or incarcerated again


Then again... he could end up sitting alot.




Thoughts on Smith:


1. Not phenomenal...but a solid WR (projected stats much better than Anderson)


2. Due to strange keeper rules, there will be alot of RBs available in the draft including:

LJ, LT2, McGahee, Portis, Dillon, Alexander, SJax, Edge, Jordan, Westbrook, Tiki, etc.

so I have a solid chance at a strong 2nd RB and will probably have to stretch for a 3rd.

(but Huddle has Anderson ranked 50th...so he'll probably still be available).


3. The Huddle rankings have RSmith at 22 for WRs. In a 12 team league, starting at

least 2 WRs per team...that positions him (most likely) as an every week starter whereas

Anderson would be questionable...even at the Flex position.



What do you guys think? Am I over-thinking this? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.



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I'd keep Rod the dealing of Chester proves to me that Billick is sticking with Jamal and Mike will be nothing more than a 450 yard backup. Smith should get #1 numbers for the first few weeks of the season. The trust between Plummer and Smith is a big reason as well.

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I'd keep Rod Smith too. He had a decent year last for Denver...Plummer continues to play well....with Walker on the other side, Smith should continue to produce....I think Lewis had too many distractions last year, re: prison, etc, and never got going. He also said that he needs the ball 25 or so times a game to 'get going' Without Taylor in the mix, I think Lewis gets CLOSE to old self, as still relatively young....Anderson is change of pace back

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what pick do you have in the draft, do you have a legit shot at one of the listed available rbs. anyway i think you keep smith. the addition of walker is only going to help help his cause.

and i do not think anderson, barring injury ,will be anything but a change of pace, maybe a short yardage guy, i think part of lewis's problem last year, other than being in jail, was that no team really had to worry about stopping the ravens prolific passing attack, allowing defence's to key in on the run, mcnair changes that. it could be a turn around season for lewis.

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I would say Rod Smith as well. We really do want to see how bad your team was though.



My team wasn't bad at all...in fact, I lost in the championship. The weird sleeper situation has to do with keeper rules. You must keep one player drafted in Rounds 1-5, one player drafted in Rounds 6-10 and one player drafted after Round 11 including FAs....and a player can only be kept one year, after that he's thrown back into the draft pool. This way, no single team has a player like LT2 for his entire career....you've got him the year you draft him and the next year as a keeper...after that he's back in the draft and everyone has a shot at the rights to him for the next 2 years.


Any way...this was my roster


QB: Bulger, Carr

RB: Edge, LJordan, RBrown, MAnderson, GJones

WR: Driver, RSmith, JSmith, AJohnson, MiClayton

TE: JStevens, KWinslow

K: Elam

Def: Seattle


My keepers from the previous year were Edge, AJohnson, and MiClayton (the last two didn't work out too well...obviously).


Anyway...here are my keeper choices. The players I'm leaning towards keeping are bold.


Rnd 1-5: LJordan, RBrown, JSmith, MBulger, DDriver

Rnd 6-10: MAnderson, RSmith, Elam, JStevens

Rnd 11 - FA:GJones, KWinslow (TE mandatory), Seattle


Bulger's injury was my demise. Anyway, that's why the weird choices. Thanks again for the feedback.



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