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How Bad Are My WR's?

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The guppies got me good. After grabbing RB/RB in Rounds 1 & 2 (10 team redraft, no PPR), I felt like I spent the rest of the night on my heels chasing big runs on positions I thought went too early. So many WR's were gone by pick 27 that I actually chose to take Antonio Gates with my 3rd-rounder. Then the QB run came in the


Here's how it panned out...


QB - McNabb, Kitna (LOVE)

RB - FWP, Rudi, Adrian Peterson, Tatum Bell

WR - Boldin, Calvin Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Mark Clayton, D.J. Hackett

TE - Gates

DEF - Pittsburgh

K - Elam


We were allowed to draft up to 6 WR's, which I guess should have been a clue since that is two more than any other position limit. Still, what can I do to improve this? Or is it better than I think? Just looking for folks to confirm my fears or pull me in from the ledge.

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I think your Ok, Ride the wave brother..........Boldin, Calvin Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Mark Clayton, D.J. Hackett, If i had to start 3 it would be Boldin,Johnson,Hackett, having Berrian and clayton as back ups isn't that bad....Just week to week your going have to figure out who to start.........

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Since no PPR, Boldin has a bit less FF value than he might, as he's not a big red zone target. I like Hackett, but he's not going to carry your WR corps (ditto Berrian), so Calvin better be the player you hope he's going to be ... still all is not lost, if you play matchups correctly during the year.

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Play it out. I think you're fine. Did you see Calvin in pre-season games. He was agressive and diving forward for every yard. Looked impressive. And Q-tip (Boldin) is a stud.


Stud WR score more then 12 times in his last 40 games, Boldin is not a stud.

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