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Trade: Vincent Jackson for T. Jones, Deshaun Jackson, 3.06


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I just made this trade, and want to see what you all think. I am now having second thoughts, after reading more about Jackson's DUI case (not sure how I missed that?)


I traded:


Thomas Jones

DeSean Jackson

3.06 Rookie Pick




Vincent Jackson


Now I know on the surface this looks like a total win for him, but the 3.06 pick was pointless for me - our team rosters are 18 during the season, and I already had 21 players, so whoever I picked I would have dropped anyway. Thomas Jones I was not very high on this year, and having NO value after that. Plus, we start 2 RB, and my current ones are: The 2 Carolina RBs, Knowshon Moreno, Chris Wells, and Willis McGahee, so I would not be starting him unless he duplicated last season anyway. DeSean was looking good, but I think that the ceiling on Vincent is much higher.


So, what you think? Did I get hosed, or did I help out my team? I finished last in the league last season, and have been making over my roster, especially at the WR position. My WRs from last year were DeSean Jackson, Michael Jenkins, Greg Jennings, and Matt Jones. My current roster is below:



Garrard, David JAC QB

Orton, Kyle DEN QB

Ryan, Matt ATL QB


McGahee, Willis BAL RB (P)

Moreno, Knowshon DEN RB ®

Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB (P)

Wells, Chris ARI RB ®

Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB


Britt, Kenny TEN WR ®

Edwards, Braylon CLE WR (P)

Jackson, Vincent SDC WR

Jenkins, Michael ATL WR

Moss, Santana WAS WR

Royal, Eddie DEN WR


Carlson, John SEA TE

Gates, Antonio SDC TE


Carney, John NYG PK


Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def

Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def

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Maybe should of asked before the trade, I agree with the above comments.

Agreed - I like DJax better than VJax this year (and huddle rankings agree with D at 19 and V at 38) ... still, if you've got VJax as a beast this year, why not go get him like you did and enjoy the ride if it materializes. Don't regret it -- embrace it and charge® forward!

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I think you just have to go ahead and enjoy the player you got. It's too late now, but I think you did give a a lot for Vjax. I imagine you would have started Jones, at least for the first few games, until you are sure that Wells or Moreno will get you consistent numbers. And while I like Vjax over Djax, that was a lot to give. Who knows? It may work out best that you did this trade.

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Your league should add a developmental or taxi squad for rookies pick in rounds 2-7 or whatever you draft. This way those picks matter. What kinda league only has 18 players on a roster and has rookie picks ? Make zero sense. In my league we draft 7 rookie rounds and place 2-7 rounds on a dev list and you can hold them there for 3 years to see if they pan out.


As far as the trade goes I would never have given up T. Jones and Des Jackson for just V. Jackson.

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Um, what did you do with Greg Jennings? He was your best WR. I'm guessing you traded him for Edwards/Royal. :wacko:


This is correct. The moves I have made this off-season, with my explanation are:


# Columbus Destroyers gave up Parker, Willie PIT RB; Year 2009 Draft Pick 1.08;Year 2009 Draft Pick 1.11;Year 2009 Draft Pick 2.01

# GANG GREEN 7 gave up Year 2009 Draft Pick 1.03;Year 2009 Draft Pick 2.03


(I already had the 1.1 pick and was overloaded with RB, so I was hoping to take the 1.3 and get Crabtree there. Unfortunately the 1.2 owner took him, so I got Moreno - Wells at 1.1 and 1.3.


* Columbus Destroyers gave up Jennings, Greg GBP WR;Shiancoe, Visanthe MIN TE; Year 2009 Draft Pick 2.03

* The Salacious Crumbs gave up Edwards, Braylon CLE WR;Royal, Eddie DEN WR;Gates, Antonio SDC TE


(This was my trade of the off-season, in my opinion. Either Edwards or Royal could be just as good as Jennings, IMO, and getting Gates for Shiancoe is a coup.)


* Killer Racoons gave up Moss, Santana WAS WR; Year 2009 Draft Pick 2.06;Year 2009 Draft Pick 3.06

* Columbus Destroyers gave up Rice, Ray BAL RB; Year 2009 Draft Pick 3.01;Year 2009 Draft Pick 4.01


(This was another case of me having too many RBs and not enough WRs. I hated giving up Rice, but getting a productive WR back like Moss plus moving up 2 times was worth it to me.)


# Columbus Destroyers gave up Jones, Thomas NYJ RB;Jackson, DeSean PHI WR; Year 2009 Draft Pick 3.06

# Rumblin Bumblin gave up Jackson, Vincent SDC WR


(Once again, Jones was not going to start for me, unless he could duplicate his season last year, and I did not think that he could. I like Vincent MUCH more than DeSean - I am just a little worried about the drafting of Maclin - he is basically the same style of player. Whomever I drafted at 3.06 would not make my team, so I gave nothing up there)


In all, Here is my team from last season and this season. I think I am VASTLY improved, but we will have to see:




QB: Delhomme, Garrard, Ryan

RB: T.Jones, McGahee, Parker, Rice, J.Stewart, D.Williams

WR: Greg Jennings, M.Jenkins, DeSean Jackson, Matt Jones

TE: Carlson, Shiancoe

K: Carney

DEF: Packers, Steelers




QB: Garrard, Orton, Ryan I exchanged Delhomme for Orton. If he can air it out in Denver, he could be a nice pickup


RB: McGahee, Moreno, Stewart, Wells, D.Williams I lost T.Jones, Parker, and Rice, and picked up the 2 Rookies in Wells and Moreno. We start 2, so I may just start the 2 Carolina backs to begin the season until I see how the rooks are going to fare


WR: Britt, B. Edwards, V. Jackson, M.Jenkins, Santana Moss, Eddie Royal I lost Greg Jennings and Desean Jackson and dropped Matt Jones, and gained 4 players I am comfortable starting in return. Britt could be nice in the long run


TE: Gates, Carlson Shiancoe for Gates. No questioning that deal, and I still have Carlson for the long haul if he keeps developing off his strong rookie campaign


K: Carney need to get someone here...Folk is available, I may try him again


DEF: Cardinals, SteelersI keep my steelers def, and exchange GB for Arizona. I may drop them for whoever is hot this season on the WW


This is a 10-team league, just implementing PPR this season, so I spent this off-season trying to upgrade my receiving corps as much as possible. I feel that I definitely did that, and should be in a position to compete this year after spending the last 2 in the basement.

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Yeah i think you hosed your self.


Think of it this way...WHen Phillip Rivers does his check downs who does he look to..

No matter how you arrange the order of Gates, Tomlinson and Chambers,..Jackson is always the fourth option on that team.....


Desaun Jackson? #1 or #2 target for Donovan Mcnabb...

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I don't really think that Chambers is ahead of Jackson on the depth chart, but I see your point, and I agree. I just have a preference of tall WRs over small ones, and they don't get much taller than Jackson... :wacko:


Regardless, I am happy with my trades, and hope to turn this team around starting this season.

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