NFL Honors: The Offical 2012 NFL Awards Show

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Way to take focus away from the biggest team game of the year and put it on the individual performances, way to create yet another distraction for the players who are trying to focus on what will likely be the biggest game of their lives.

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Dumb idea. It's funny that a league that hated fantasy football is now offering an award for best Fantasy Player. :wacko: It's all about money. Like many have said, holding it the night before the Super Bowl is just plain idiotic. Surprised they didn't make it the half time show. But I guess they couldn't sell separate tickets for that.


And Alec Baldwin? I like the guy. He's funny and all, but with a league having more than it's share of criminals, Baldwin and his run-ins with the law shouldn't be the face of a league award show......or maybe he fits in perfectly.

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