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Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??


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Mine, this year, methinks....


Brady (via trade)

Gurley (draft), Fournette (draft), Kamara (week 1 ww), Collins (week 4 ww), L. Murray (week 7 ww)

Brown (draft), Davis (week 8 ww), Westbrook (week 8 ww), Gordon (week 1 ww)

Gronk (via trade)

Zuerline (week 1 ww)

Jaguars (week 1 ww)


yeah yeah I'm weak af at wr2, but I drafted allen robinson and could never quite fill that hole. hoping one of davis, westbrook, Gordon can get the job done for me down the stretch. but honestly, I haven't been in need of high points at wr2.


what's the best fantasy team you guys have ever seen/assembled?



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QB- T. Brady

RB - L. McCoy

WR - J.Jones

WR - B. Marshall

TE - Gronk

FLEX - E. Lacy 

FLEX - J.Edleman

DP - Mack

DP - Kuechly

DP - J. Collins


Average points per game were 132.7 

Jones fell to me at 8, then I grabbed Edleman. Traded for McCoy on his bye week and got Marshall late. Brady also fell to the 10th because he was supposed to be suspended 4 games. Ironically it was Tim Hightower for the Saints that won it for me after a McCoy injury. Also the year I found the Huddle forums


This year

QB - Carr/Goff

RB - K.Hunt

WR - M.Evans

WR - A.Brown

TE - E.Engram

FLEX - T.Hill

FLEX - D.Murray/C.Hogan/JuJu

D - Jags

K - H.Butker


Currently averaging 124, and its going the wrong way. A couple weeks ago I was at 135. Glad i traded Zeke for Brown

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Ryan, Matt ATL QB

Foster, Arian HOU RB

Cobb, Randall GBP WR

Green, A.J. CIN WR

Wayne, Reggie IND WR

White, Roddy ATL WR

Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK

Texans, Houston HOU Def


FLS, one of the greatest BOTH leagues ever, despite having Hop (House of Pain) as one owner.


2012, 2 keeper league, kept Roddy & Arian.  Same lineup nearly every week, started 12-0 with LARGE total points lead. 


Finished 12-4, losing both playoff games and most points in the final minutes of week 16.


$100 fee, I won $10 lousy bucks.  Lesson learned. 


You have jinxed yourself.

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Not best team ever but I've always been particularly proud of this team from the 2012 season. Went 7-7 on the regular season and ended up winning it all on a miracle. The championship game was 156.68 to 144.66 standard scoring, probably the most fun Champship game in our local. It came down to Dez Bryant on my team and Arian Foster on his, he had a sizeable lead. Anyone who had Arian Foster that year in their championship game knows the rest of that story.


QB: Aaron Rodgers

WR: Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Stevie Johnson, Malcolm Floyd, Danario Alexander,

RB: Jamaal Charles, Mikel Leshoure, Rashad Jennings

TE:Dennis Pitta, Vernon Davis, Brandon Myers


Looking back I have no idea why I had 3 tightends lol.

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2 hours ago, shnugen27 said:

Having such a huge hole at WR2 makes it obviously not the best fantasy team of all time. 

Well, I mean, I had And started Fuller for his entire 4 week outburst, managed some good fill in weeks from some other ww drop outs. Fact is I’m still averaging over 130 and have a 300 point lead over 2nd place team lmao

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LOL It's hard to remember EVERY single player on my team's rosters for close to 20 years, much less put together my all-time best roster. Sure, I brought some players back from previous seasons. But to remember them all and to determine which ones are the best? Hell if I can remember! That's like asking what my favorite assignment in grade school was, which was 20+ years ago. I'd have to go through every roster of every team for the last 19 years and see if I can remember if they were even on my roster and then figure out who likely scored the most points for me. I guess that's the good thing about having a database that can keep all the data for this stuff. I don't have that, though.

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1 hour ago, boltnlava said:

I was hoping is was not this type of thread ...sigh


1 hour ago, boltnlava said:

I like frogs



This is not a brag thread. I got lucky as hell in the draft and lucky as hell with some early waiver wire grabs. Anyone who thinks it’s not fun to celebrate a good team and reminisce about great teams past must be having a cruddy season tbh

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i believe it was around 01.... culpepper's first year





for wr i was a systems guy...typically drafted bruce, horn, carter, either rod smith or ed mccarffery, either jimmy smith or mccardell, harrison or wayne


i remember a strong keeper team where i drafted ahman green, moss, owens, hearst, FT

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14 hours ago, Shorttynaz said:

I like beejays


beejays...or beegees


2 minutes ago, dope man said:

I like homemade apple pies, but as a kid I liked candy cigarettes the best! And maybe big league chew....


Flavored big league chew, or original. I mean the flavor only lasted about 30 seconds anyway

I also think everyone loved candy cigarettes, crazy considering they were essentially just chalk

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