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Dynasty League Forming


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Esteemed Huddle Members:


I understand how much everyone loves these posts, but I need to reach the masses.


We are forming a new On-line Dynasty League and we are in-need of 2-3 owners.

With year-round fantasy football, you will have to contend with a 35 man roster and maintain your roster via salary, salary cap, and contract renegotiation. The league is the closest thing to managing an actual NFL team, as each owner must manage the cap, restricted free agency, franchise tags, and unrestricted free agency. We will be completing our initial veterans and annual 7 round rookie draft and free agency at a time when other fantasy football leagues are hibernating.


We currently have 9 owners, with a possible 10th, and we are looking for 2-3 additional committed owners.


Tentative Line-up Requirements:


Quarterback 1

Runningback 2

Wide Receiver 3

Tight End 1

Place Kicker 1

Defensive Lineman 2

Defensive Linebacker 3

Defensive Back (CB or FS or SS) 3


We are planning to begin our veteran draft the week of March 1.


If you are interested, I will send our preliminary rules and salary formulas. If so, let me know and I will send a personal message. We will be meeting on-line in the next couple of weeks to modify our rules and make any necessary final changes.


I apologize up-front if I failed to include any pertinent info.

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If there is still room, and it's not too expensive, I'd love to join. I'm currently in one Dynasty League that uses IDP, and won the championship this year. :D


If you still have room, email me at perchoutofwater@yahoo.com, or pm me here on the boards.

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gspot-  I was definately interested, but with an upcoming move, Im not sure I can draft in March.  Im going to have to pass afterall, but it does sound like a great league and I was definately interested.








Thanks for the follow-up Srg.



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