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Has the internet ruined fantasy football?


Has the internet ruined fantasy football?  

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  1. 1. Has the internet ruined fantasy football?

    • Yes, now everyone knows the same thing with out doing any work.No, it has only made it better by providing easy access to info/stats.

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Guys in my fanatasy league were debating this last night. Some feel that back in the "old" days the owners who did research, watched preseason games, etc had an advantage over owners who just came the draft with a magazine cheetsheat from June. Now everyone can get an updated cheatsheet or last minute info via the web.


Sleepers are no longer sleepers as everyone who pops on the internet can get updated info on most teams. :D


Before live scoring and game stats, I used to pull out the Monday sports page and do the stats for every player for every team. I knew which players were doing what and when. This was a hugh advantage for me as only a few owners did this. Now, owners can go to a website, and everything is scored and stack ranked for them. Sites tell them who to bench and who to start. The guy who won my league last year spent 10 minutes a week at the most on his team. He followed the websites opinions.:doah:


Conversely, I now have contact with fantasy football players from all over the country and am privy to their vast knowledge. I can get info about every team from the teams local newspapers or Huddlers who follow the team. I don't have to spend 3 hours doing stats every Monday and Tuesday so I can spend the time using them. Also, scoring systems can now be more complicated as they can be done by a league managing website instead of by hand. :D


All in all, my opinion is that the internet and sites like the Huddle, have inhanced and advanced fantasy football. :D:D

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NO, all the info is there but there are too many lazy people to know how and where to get it. Out of three leagues only one other guy knows about this site and I aint telling the others about it, sorry DMD. :D

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I am submitting my paper ballot.



I would select "no"


It is a lot easier to track and view stats. The bottom line is if people in leagues are serious they would do the research with or without the internet. Those that arent serious would coast through the league regardless of their available resources.


I remember when I used to commish prior to having the internet. Calculating the scores for all the teams in the league using the news paper was like :D

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I enjoyed fantasy football much more before the internet. I can remember the intensity with which I used to scour the newspaper looking for stats, and the near brawls over the scoring and trades. I also remember the ability to dominate leagues with superior research. Now, any idiot can be competitive...


I don't think it ruined FF, but I think it definitely had a hugh negative impact.

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I dont think the internet has ruined FF, just changed the way we play it.


Yeah, 10 years ago, it was very obvious who did their homework. Jeez, how many onwers do you remember drafting retired players or one that had suffered a season ending injury during pre-season? These things dont happen any longer with instant access to any info we want.


I find myself sitting in front on my computer watching live updates, clicking on games to follow my players, while the TV is jacked up with the televised games. I love Sundays and the internet makes it a better experience IMO.


However, with the changes that have occurred, I wonder where we will find our hobby in another 10 years. Will we see FF taking the American fast food route? Alot of the poker professionals feel this way after last years world series of poker was invaded by the internet players.


I've read some posts that have stated the best day of the year is draft day. Getting together with old buddies for a few hours to do the annual draft. Yet, already we have new formats that allow owners to select teams on a weekly basis. Owners have no need to worry about season-ending injuries to their top draft picks, not being able to get that diamond in the rough waiver wire player or bad draft slots. Just pick a new team each week and let it rip. Very interesting concept, but the annual draft just became cousin to the dinosaur. I'm sure over time, more ideas will surface that will affect the way we look at and play this game.


Overall, I like the changes. But I'm sure there will come a point where you can hang the "Old Dog....no new tricks" sign around my neck. Hopefully, not anytime soon.

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I think it's better. But then, I won our league last year. I'm a retired teacher and the others in the league claim I "have too much time to be on the internet." Also, sorry DMD, but I haven't mentioned "theHuddle" to them.

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I think that it has been the most helpful resource in the growth of FF.


However I think that it has also contributed to me burning out on FF also.


The overload of info/daily hot new flashes/speculation has been a bit much for me. You really have to devote an extreme amount of time to stay on top of things.


This is the first offseason since about 1999 that I've been pretty apathetic about FF.


This will also be the 3rd consecutive year that I am cutting down on the amount of leagues that I am in.


Not to be the old veteran being cynical about everything because for the people new to FF it's still fresh and exciting so enjoy it.


But I don't think I will be getting excited about football or FF until around preseason is about over and the real games start..........

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While the modern version of ff may not let you dominate like the old days of newspapers, hrs spent on spreadsheets, etc.... I think it has only helped ff as well as football in general. Think of all the players on your ff team, how many would you really care about if not for ff or the internet? Online drafting makes it so much easier for some people that never would be able to get together othwerwise. Although, I'll never give up my live draft. I don't think DirectTV would be as big either without it. Pro's and cons to everything, but I seriously doubt I'd be in more than 1 league if not for the internet. The lazy guys will still be lazy, see it every year. They'll buy books, but have no idea what else may pertain to a particular player even with the internet at thier disposal. Sleepers may be less easier to find, but theres always someone who breaks out that no one seen coming.

I love watching the games, and my live stats same time, makes Sundays a great experience for me. Because of the internet, I know of more players, strategies, diff formats for scoring, in a very short time. Means I get more time to actually do what I enjoy, watching it, instead of pouring hrs into it. None of us spend hrs anymore right? :D

No paperwork, no pencils, worn erasers, long distance phone calls pregame,1/2 time, before 4pm game, after 8pm game.......gotta love it. :D

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Guest THEbigred

It has pros and cons, mostly covered already.


Some think those who say it's hurt FF do because of some clinging to "the good old days" - phooey. Maybe a few do, and true something isn't good because it happened way back when, but just because something is new doesn't make it good either....


...and more to the point I think, just because something makes something else easier also doesn't make it better. Sadly, most people can't grasp this. But when you have to put more effort into something, success is that much sweeter. And to a point, the process itself, ie "doing your homework" can be fun too (or am I the only nut who kinda gets into the ranking/stacking part somewhat).


Some might say well you still have to do that, but again and as stated, not really. I guarantee I or anyone with even a modest amount of football knowledge (heck maybe even not that) could go here or to any of a number of sites at the last minute and get all the info/rankings/whatever they need to have at least a good draft...and with a little luck a great one. And in fact many people do that because as I've said elsewhere, they're the same people who used to do the old office pools where you just picked the winner and won a weekly pot....and their effort in FF is about the same (ie minimal). I don't build my life around FF like some people - in fact that's frankly pretty pathetic, unless you're running a site and making money etc (well in DMD's case it's still pretty pitiful :D ), but the way the internet has "sterilized" FF in this way really takes a lot of the fun out of it to me, esp. since it's so hard to find people who are "serious" about it, if you know what I mean.


And drafting/having a league totally online is IMO like eating a plain piece of bread. Not "bad" but not very satisfying at all.

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