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  1. a couple of guys have mentioned this here in this thread already....yeah cooks, gilmore, allen are obvious...but to me the ealy deal is classic belichick and probably the most under the radar move weve seen.... belichick loses sheard, long and mingo....and goes and gets a 6-5 280 DE for a year at 800k for simply moving down 7 or 8 spots in the draft....a former 2nd rounder with some real talent but consistency issues....this is a kid who flashed against the broncos in the superbowl...and he will be looking to impress and get paid......just a classic belichick move that other teams arent really thinking about or in a position to make.....
  2. oh im not trading evans lol...i meant as a fantasy analyst/prognosticator.....
  3. bump fielding a lot of offers right not gonna be cheap
  4. i do not own martin....but i own winston...and im debating winston/eli this week in a pivotal week(13-5 and in 2nd place i guess they are all pivotal from here on out lol) i wonder how a martin return would alter what tampa has been doing....they are relatively thin at wr.....and they havent been too successful the last few weeks ....i wonder if they dont try to commit more to running martin and barber
  5. MNF

    The refs holding the ball was probably the most infuriating part of that fiasco
  6. MNF

    If I were ryan I wouldn't bring my team back out ...,that was disgraceful
  7. it seems like a great matchup....yeah they are at home....but u take maclin out of the mix....and put foles into it.......i seems to good to be true
  8. guy hasnt scored in single digits yet in ppr...hasnt seen single digit targets since week 1 in which he still put up 19 pts....19,18,28,10,19, 27, 11, 36
  9. picked up west this alot on him....overshot the next highest by a little bit too.....but i think he could be real useful this weekend......and you never know with concussions and lead rbs getting banged up...he could be nice down the stretch....i think he has flex appeal even with ware in the mix i got off to a good start last night with jameis, evans and hopefully this guy can give me something good and look good doing it
  10. welppppp great first half turned in by evans...hope he can keep it up and stay healthy....concussion issue now...hopefully its not bad and the extra time off this weekend will help him avoid missing time......
  11. i started Winston, evans and hooper(reed on bye).... I was pretty happy with my take...but left feeling like I could have had more....tampa killed a few drives with dumb a garbage team on a short week.....then late in the 4th they have 3rd and 1 at Atlanta 33....don't get it on 3rd....go on fourth...pick up 6 and it gets called back for a holding penalty...4th and 11 and they don't get it.......Winston would throw another td after that but I cant help but feel if they had scored one more TD Winston would have still been in on the last drive instead of glennon
  12. ya...he finally woke up...but i couldnt blame dalton for that one out of bounds...lack of time...wasnt able to step and see that throw through well because of the pocket collapsing
  13. cincy was looking to take a deep shot on norman and cincy couldnt hold a block long enough for dalton to get out of his drop...frustrating
  14. i hear you man....i dont envy these guys reed has a friend, that comes from the same high school, that was the 5th overall pick in the june nba draft....if all goes well that kid will prob see 125 million dollar guaranteed contract in a few years.....reeds prob gonna have this one deal at 22 mil guaranteed...his buddy doesnt have to worry about having his head knocked around
  15. well he finished the last game he got the concussion if you own him and hes playing you probably can start him and not feel terrible....theres always the chance he gets hurt in the middle of the game and doesn't finish I guess...but you should probably have a backup plan in place already if you own he just signed a 22 mil guaranteed contract with a 9 mil signing bonus....he doesn't wanna give any of that back....he played high school ball about 15 minutes from where I live...hes got people to take care of...