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  1. 5.5 mil....about 3.5 in base salary for lacy. Now on the surface it appears to be "not rbbc money". But as you mentioned its a 1 year deal. When you look at the the rest of the backfield Rawls, Collins and CJ make about a combined 2 mil. I think that number they paid Lacy is what they were willing to pay to bring him in for a year because overall the money they are spending on the rest of the backfield is almost nothing. So its worth it to them to put a decent number on a veteran like Lacy to bring him in. In comparison Mike Gillislee will make about the same amount as Lacy this year in base salary. In fact take a look at the base salary for this upcoming year for the Patriots top 4 backs. Im not saying Lacy wont be the guy they try to let lead the backfield. But I think you have to start looking at the money spent on the position group as a whole. If you are getting off cheap with the other 3 guys I think you might be willing to overspend on a veteran with a decent track record to round out the group. Especially for a year.
  2. i would have to agree with CJ here. I think hes the best all around back on the roster and has the most upside.
  3. good post as i def fell victim to the patterson trap his 2nd year and overdrafted ill def still draft him this year at the right price....or if im feeling really good about what ive done up to that point i might even be willing to go a bit early.....but its def not something id feel totally confident about
  4. on talent i think martavis is near a top 10 guy....if he were somewhere else and being peppered with targets i think he would be huge....but having a guy like brown and bell around both helps and hurts...but im enamored and im buying on him every chance i get....especially at that spot.....i think youll see him climb up the rankings quite a bit through the summer though
  5. always love these lists...this one is early and sure to have major changes over the course of the summer....but its always fun to look now and notice whos stock has risen and dropped...i also like to try to spot some things that i disagree with so feel free to browse the list and let us know which guys you think are overvalued/undervalued one guy that ive been enamored with since his entry into the league is martavis bryant...he was a mid round pick on my championship squad a couple years ago..he was a guy i really wanted my pats to take a shot on coming out....i knew the steelers had a steal....obviously this guy carries some risk....but its now or never...if he doesnt get it now he never will and will surely end up broke....this kids talent alone puts him in the top factor in antonio and bell getting touches i think he could still sit in the 40s.....apparently dmd thinks the risk factor puts him in the 80s? if you signed me up right now and told me i could get my #2/3 wr in the 80s of a draft i would start spending my winnings already......if bryant toes the line he moves right back into his role that he had before....coates isnt a real player like bryant could be another thing i noticed...which isnt a big deal...but i noticed that zay jones is ranked about 10-11 spots ahead of corey davis....which i find interesting....obviously both teams want to run the ball and are good at it....but to me davis should be ranked ahead of jones.....we know rookie receivers can make an impact...obviously neither qb is drew brees...but i trust mariota more...and obviously both teams have guys like watkins and matthews with more experience ahead of these rookies...but to me davis should be ranked ahead of jones.... cameron meredith also looks likes a good does abdullah....if i could land abduallah at that price as a rb3 or flex guy id be happy...i know riddick scares people but i think if abdullah can finally stay healthy he could be huge....his first game last year showed a flash of what he could do....especially in that offense....this is a guy arizona wanted to draft in the 2nd ahead of david johnson..... also interested to see the less than conservative rankings of mccaffrey and cook...... im sure there are a few others things i could touch on if i look at the rankings more in depth...just a few things i noticed
  6. a couple of guys have mentioned this here in this thread already....yeah cooks, gilmore, allen are obvious...but to me the ealy deal is classic belichick and probably the most under the radar move weve seen.... belichick loses sheard, long and mingo....and goes and gets a 6-5 280 DE for a year at 800k for simply moving down 7 or 8 spots in the draft....a former 2nd rounder with some real talent but consistency issues....this is a kid who flashed against the broncos in the superbowl...and he will be looking to impress and get paid......just a classic belichick move that other teams arent really thinking about or in a position to make.....
  7. oh im not trading evans lol...i meant as a fantasy analyst/prognosticator.....
  8. bump fielding a lot of offers right not gonna be cheap
  9. i do not own martin....but i own winston...and im debating winston/eli this week in a pivotal week(13-5 and in 2nd place i guess they are all pivotal from here on out lol) i wonder how a martin return would alter what tampa has been doing....they are relatively thin at wr.....and they havent been too successful the last few weeks ....i wonder if they dont try to commit more to running martin and barber
  10. MNF

    The refs holding the ball was probably the most infuriating part of that fiasco
  11. MNF

    If I were ryan I wouldn't bring my team back out ...,that was disgraceful
  12. it seems like a great matchup....yeah they are at home....but u take maclin out of the mix....and put foles into it.......i seems to good to be true
  13. guy hasnt scored in single digits yet in ppr...hasnt seen single digit targets since week 1 in which he still put up 19 pts....19,18,28,10,19, 27, 11, 36
  14. picked up west this alot on him....overshot the next highest by a little bit too.....but i think he could be real useful this weekend......and you never know with concussions and lead rbs getting banged up...he could be nice down the stretch....i think he has flex appeal even with ware in the mix i got off to a good start last night with jameis, evans and hopefully this guy can give me something good and look good doing it
  15. welppppp great first half turned in by evans...hope he can keep it up and stay healthy....concussion issue now...hopefully its not bad and the extra time off this weekend will help him avoid missing time......