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Broncos Post #8,000 :tup:


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First allowing me to congratulate Pittsburgh Fans you flat out beat us today :D


With that said....

Eva Longoria

Britney Faithful


and More Melons


And of course the real story between Semi and I......


It was January 22 my dad and I had just landed in O’Hare where we would drive to Detroit to watch Steelers face off against an NFC nemesis in Superbowl XL. As we entered in the parking lot I saw it, Seminoles himself. His face, distorted like a current Michael Jackson, and dressed in Brokeback Mountain theme with a purple shawl around his neck and a purple fur fruit hat laying on his fro of which was died Dennis Rodman style. At that moment a bizarre feeling appeared in my head. It was like a Star Wars destiny, I must defeat him to save the greatness and superior that is the Huddle. I walked slowly to him giving him plenty of time to gain his confidence and draw the weapon of his choice. Terrified out he drew a branding iron. With that the battle had begun. I jumped Yoda like into the air while he watched in complete amazement of my skill. I immediately Judo chopped him (Austin Powers). He fell to the pavement bouncing slightly from the force of his fro hitting the ground. I then thought of potential unjust consequences that could come of this so I decided I needed to drop the remains. I called a conference in the 4983 for counsel and after several brilliant ideas Master Grits displayed his pure hatred of dumbass newbies by saying, “Why not kill two birds with one stones by framing Seahawks37 dumping the dead guy in his pool.” which was located nearby per the knowledge of who else but Big John. With this plan Puddy came from Detroit in his soccer mom minivan to display the knowledge of the :D by dumping Seminoles’ corpse into Seahawk’s pool. And that’s where the real story ends with huddlers uniting to destroy idiots. :D

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congrats...may the next 8K have some substance.






Hey now, he's just a youngin'...


Bonus points for:


1. Puddy's soccer mom minivan

2. Seminoles' weapon of choice being a branding iron

3. Framing Seahawks37


Good job, kid.

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Congrats Broncos!  :D

Psssst..............it's O'Hare!  :D








We have a subcontract with a O'Hare project, but I saw the company misspell it the same way, and I thought it was a mistake only a southener could make.

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