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Who would you pick and why?


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About 3 weeks ago I posted this and Steve Smith was the runaway pick hands down. With a scoring system of 6 points for tds, 1 point every 10 yards rec and bonus points over 100 yards. When I posted this I had major doubts about Palmers status as most. It now appears he will be ready for training camp which is nothing short of a miracle and the assumption now is that Palmer will be ready week 1. Do you still take Smith over Chad assuming Carson is a go for week 1? Thanks.

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Heres a vote for CJ...and I own Steve Smith. I think Palmer will be back healthy....like the offense better, with CJ...Housh...Rudi...Perry.....yes, Smith now has Keyshawn....a Keyshawn that has lost a step or two..I'd put Housh right up there with him, maybe even better now.....Can Foster carry last the whole year? if not, they turn to a rookie back, as no Stephen Davis......Smith had MONSTER year last year, will probably regret letting him go, but not sure he can duplicate it..

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The point differential scored between the two will be nominal


with that said I posted the following here a few months ago:


here are his stats since 2003 from the last 12 weeks of the season when he basically showed he was for real with his new starting gig


Excluding 2004 due to the broken bone in his 1st game!


Year.........Games.........Catches........Yards.........TDs.........Games w/out TD






so 32 games is the equivalent to 2 seasons and smith has avgd what would be

107catches/yr for 2yrs

1504yrds/yr for 2yrs

12 TDs/yr for 2yrs

and he scores atleast ONE TD in 65.63% of all games he plays in


in 2004 when Muhammad was the #1 WR Colbert went for 47/754/5

and that is around what I expect from Key with maybe a few more catches, but I think Key will command more respect in coverage then what Colbert did in 2004 and in the end that should help Smith...i expect to see smith's numbers to decrease a bit this yr with his YPC probably increasing some....



so i think a 10% decrease in his Catches and an increase in his YPC of just .8/catch=



1536(16.0 YPC)



but IMO if you have to pick from one or the other Smith is the safer bet due to the questions regarding palmers health

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Smith without a doubt even if Palmer's healthy and plays all year. As has been stated already having Keyshawn starting with Smith helps him and still gives him the edge. Both teams play in tough divisions. Palmer get the edge for QB's between he and Delhomme. It bears watching though how Palmer does in the preseason. I'd give the edge to the Bengals in rb's. It's a wait and see how Foster does, will he have injuries again and can DeAngelo Williams step in and be effective if Foster goes down. Looking at the other positions The Bengals clearly have the edge with QB and RB. In all I think Steve Smith is gonna have the better year.


Keyshawn will help eliminate some of the double coverage Smith will see. Although there were times last year that Smith was double covered and still managed to get the ball. Having Johnson will only help that. Also, when they go to 3 wide, Drew Carter is gonna help drawing coverage as well. I believe Chad Johnson will end up with more receptions than Smith if you're in a PPR league, but Smith will end up with more yardage and td's.

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Just like TJ Houshmandlekrufhbalaiwufgqjhcv?

Yes but all Keyshawn has to do is take 3 TDs and 100 yards more than Colbert did.... Chad has proven he can be around Housh and still put up great #s, while Steve only put up 110 yards and 7 TDs when Moose was there! :D:D

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Getting Back in the swing of things and decided to look into the forum again...


Whasupppp Forum?


Very good Question... CJ 6'1'' 195Lbs. or Steve Smith 5'9'' 185lbs


I believe they are both very good picks and solid players who play with heart, not just for the wallet. CJ is a reciever in the same class of TO or Moss, and will probably come to dominate the game if he doesn't get hurt...

Smith is very quick and an acrobat on the field and catches alot of balls by going under the cover man. Seattle's D shut him down with no running game. If the Cats can produce a running game this year which is in question, then he should continue to blister the coverage, otherwise, who knows.


Also, keep watch over the Palmer situation which would be a huge factor as to which reciever to go for in the draft. CJ also tweeked himself in minicamp. Lot of factors, wait until Training camp to begin your analysis.


Here's my top 6 0r 7 WR's

TO (Dallas with something to prove, and we know he can)

Moss (Coming off an off year and new QB in Raider country)

Marvilous Marvin (Gonna win the big one this year)

Chad (Will be good with Palmer)

Steve Smith (Great every other game)

Arizona Boyz (with 6'5'' 230 Rookie Leinart)

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Steve Smith without question.


This kid can single-handedly destroy another team with his play-making ability and the threat to score a TD every time he touches the ball. (If you don't believe me, just ask the Bears in last year's playoffs on how they feel about him)


CJ is definitely a dominate WR, #2 in my book to Smith, but he is on a more balanced attack in Cincy. Not saying that is a bad thing but Delhomme is forced to throw more often than Palmer simply based on the fact that Delhomme doesn't know who will be behind him from one game to the next. Foster and Davis had so many different injuries last year that Smith starting becoming their GOAL LINE #1 option because of it.


Take CJ if you want, but if you want someone who has a big chip on his shoulder about being an "undersized" WR in the league, just talk to #89 when he destroys you starting on someone else's team in your league :D


Palmer being questionable only magnifies the strength of taking Smith over CJ.

I took Smith last year believing he would bounce back from his injury as a promising new star and he didn't disappoint me. Adding Keyshawn and depth at running back will only help take more attention of Smith with opposing defenses, just what the doctor ordered for another Pro Bowl season.

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i realized that i contradicted myself with the balanced attack in Cincy being a disadvantage for CJ because its not. I just think that having a solid stud in Rudi Johnson only causes Cincy to throw less based on the damage that Rudi does year in and year out behind Palmer. Carolina doesn't have that type of back who can stay healthy and dominate on a given night, Cincy does.

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