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Dallas Cowboys New Stadium WOW!

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What Fans Need to Know



One of the great assets Arlington has is accessibility to the entire metroplex. There will be 14 approaches from major highways into the new stadium in Arlington, compared with three at Texas Stadium.


From a regional standpoint the new stadium will be one of the most accessible venues ever planned. The Arlington Entertainment District is the beneficiary of $270 million in improvements to the area highways that will directly benefit the new stadium. This infrastructure investment will provide new and improved access to the venue from three exits off of I-30 and upgrade the interchange at Hwy 360 and Division.



There will be plenty of parking at the new venue. It is estimated that between parking owned or under control of the Dallas Cowboys as well as the entrepreneurial lots in and around the stadium area, that there will be 30,000 parking spaces available to fans on game day.


Plaza Area and Open End Zones

The stadium design incorporates two open end zones with glass retractable doors measuring 120 feet high and 180 feet wide, making them the tallest glass retractable doors in the world. These doors open in 18 minutes. The plazas outside these doors, one in each end zone - along with the three party decks in each end zone - create over 420,000 square feet of entertainment space, or approximately 10 acres. This space gives the stadium great flexibility with its capacity. These areas will be great spaces for people to gather before, during and after events to socialize and experience a unique interactive experience.


The field is actually 50 feet below ground level, so fans entering on the plaza level will have a panoramic view over the field. The end zone area will have the flexibility to convert from standing-room only to seating, based on specific event needs. Media boards and large-screen monitors add entertainment to the area, and create a festival atmosphere.



The new stadium will have 200 suites in eight different locations on five separate levels. The suite sections have been decentralized and positioned at different areas throughout the stadium, rather than having all suites on one level. With the new stadium, there are suites on the field-level sidelines and field-level end zones, and suites on higher levels for a different vantage point. Just 20 rows up from the field will be the Hall of Fame suites. These will be the lowest suites in the NFL in relation to the field. All of the suites will also have access to club areas. The building will have eight different clubs spread throughout the various levels.


Club Level

The stadium will have 15,000 Club Level seats, accessible to field-level suite patrons as well as club members. The clubs will feature large-screen monitors and multiple entertainment venues, such as restaurants and concession areas. Prior to kick-off, the Dallas Cowboys players and coaches will walk through the Field Level Sideline Club on their way to the field.


Video Boards

There will be eight video boards in this facility. The most unique being the four board cluster that will be suspended 110 feet directly over the center of the playing surface. The board will run from the 20-yard line to the 20-yard line -- measuring 180 feet in length and 50 feet in height - making it the largest video board installation in the world. The video center will allow fans on all levels to view the game in crisp, clear images during the game. This will create a premium on the value of the upper-level seats and make the game more exciting for all fans.


Amenities and Restrooms

The stadium features 286 concession points as well as more than 1,600 toilets. Some of the restrooms will be reversible based on the needs of the event.


Ring of Honor

The Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor will be a featured part the new stadium. Plans are being made to ensure the Ring's members are similarly honored in the new facility.


Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame and Pro Shop

The Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame will be one of the finest attractions of it kind anywhere. The Cowboys are fortunate enough to have a great history and tradition and plans include many new an innovative ways to display that history in an interactive, hands-on environment. Included in the display will be a gallery of images from the world of sports in many different mediums: paintings, photography and video to name a few. With the ability to incorporate technology in many different ways, fans will be able to immerse themselves in Dallas Cowboys history.


The Hall of Fame will be located on the concourse level and open to the public year round as well as be available for special events and gatherings. Adjacent to the Hall of Fame is a Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop.

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Who's paying for this?



To aid Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones in paying the construction costs of the new stadium, Arlington voters approved the increase of the city's sales tax by one-half cent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent.
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