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The Muto update

Henry Muto

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So here we go folks...this is where champions are made the final 3 weeks of the NFL season.


I have a bye league in all 3 of my local leagues, the FFL, IFL and CFL.


Colorado went 9-5 this year in the 12 man FFL TD only league and secured the 2 seed.


Minnesota went 9-5 this year in the 10 man IFL distance scoring league and secured the 1 seed.


Charleston went 9-5 this year in the 10 man dynasty CFL league securing the AFC 1 seed.


I don't like it but I will play weeks 16 and 17 in these 3 leagues for the titles and having a lot of NE, Minn, NO and SD players scare me that week 17 is going to be a rest feast. Hope I am wrong. That's why I hate week 17 but we have been using it the last 20 years in these leagues.


Now on to this week. The WCFF satellite leagues where I ended up the 1 seed in 3 leagues and we have a 4 team playoff Weeks 15 and the title game week 16...these are winner take all leagues so I am going to be very frustrated if I fail to win at least 2 out of 3 of these leagues since it is all or nothing because after being the #1 team to end the year in each league that is going to hurt. 6 months of work for nothing.


Vipers, Swordfish and the Bulldogs look to take step one on their way to a championship this week.


I also have 1 other team sitting in 2nd place with 2 weeks to go Wyoming which trail by about 30 pts going into week 15. This league we go straight 16 weeks no playoffs top pts winner take all.


Then we have the 2 other national WCFF leagues I enter as the 1 seed beating out 50 teams in 1 bracket and 5th place in another.


So this makes a total of 5 WCFF playoff games this week. Lucky for me I did well enough to earn 3 bye weeks in the locals.


So who will it be this year ? Who will make their mark and help lead the Muto to a title.


Last year was a horrible year for the Muto as he failed to win any championships but it looks like he has shaken off last year's fiasco and has returned to 2007 form where he won 5 championships and made 10 championship games.


This year the Muto has already pulled down 1 championship and is looking to get into several championship games this week.


So who will leader on the way to "One shining moment" this year. Will it be Randy Moss the guy I put all my faith in this year drafting him as high as number 2 overall and a guy I have on all 3 local teams and all 5 WCFF playoff teams that play this week. So with 9 teams in the playoffs 8 of them I have put my full faith in Mr. Moss helping me take home some titles as he has already led me to one.


So who will it be the hero this year ? Or will there be no hero only great depression should most or all teams fail to win championships.


Only time will tell my friends...only time will tell.

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this post is worthless without the $ value and payouts for each league.


Yahoo free leagues!


Dude. If anyone is going to take you seriously (and it is probably too late), stop referring to yourself in the third person!

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