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Do you drop your good def players on their bye week?

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I have Worrilow on bye this week. He is 15th in scoring in my league (14 team league) and I don't really want to drop him to pick up a replacement for this week.


However, with an already thin roster due to it being a 14 team league, I'd have to drop Welker or Eifert if I wanted to keep Worrilow.



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I figured that would be the response. In a league where we get 1 pt per tackle and .5 pts per asst tackle, would you drop Worrilow to avoid dropping Welker or Eifert?


My starting TE is Dwayne Allen.


My other WR's are Demaryius, Allen Robinson, Odell Beckham & Cordarrelle Patterson

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Lots of factors... Scoring, lineup requirements, roster size/limits, who is available at each of those positions, etc. In a league that starts a relatively even number of offensive/defensive players, I would keep Worrilow. On the other hand, there's probably more depth at LB on the waiver wire, than there is at TE or WR, no?


I'd lean towards dropping Eifert, but I'd have to see who is available (at all three spots) first.

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but in your case, I would start any of those WR's before starting Welker. I might hang on to Worrilow unless there were other decent options out there.


Patterson has become basically unstartable. The others, definitely, although one could make at least an argument for Welker vs. Robinson. So, again, it depends on how many WR they start, and who is available.

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We play 2 DBs, 2 LBs and 1 DL in a very deep 12-team league. Most people do not carry bench IDPs and if they do it's usually a LB.


With DBs, I drop them constantly as I see them as easily exchangeable. With elite LBs, I protect them like Fort Knox. For DEs, if they are top 4 or 5 (Watt, Pierre Paul, etc) I'll try to protect them.


Most likely to drop DBs (fungible commodity that they are). Least likely to drop Top 5 LBs and DEs.

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I'd try and work a trade first, how many idp do you start, ppr, roster size all play a part in my decision



We start 3 def players. They are all flex spots so we can start 3 LB's, or 2 LB's and 1 DB, or once of each. You get the point.


It's a 14 team league and most teams start at least 2 LB's and some teams, like myself, usually start 3 LB's. Generally, I don't like to drop stud LB's. Sometimes I pick up a DB / S for the right matchup and I never start DE's (drafting JJ Watt in the 5th rd doesn't seem worth it to me, althoug his role as a TE this season does make me wonder.)

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