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Chris Johnson arrested

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Per PFT http://profootballta...hnson-arrested/


Jets running back Chris Johnson has been arrested in his hometown of Orlando, Florida.


PFT has confirmed a report that Johnson was arrested on Friday for open carrying of a firearm, a second degree misdemeanor. A league source tells PFT that Johnson does have a license to carry in Florida. But this arrest wasn’t just for carrying, it was for open carrying.


Johnson was once among the best running backs in football, and was the NFL’s offensive player of the year after setting an NFL record with 2,509 yards from scrimmage with the Titans in 2009. But he’s largely been a disappointment on the field in recent years.


Johnson signed a two-year, $4 million contract with the Jets last year, and after he ran for a career-low 663 yards and one touchdown last season, it’s entirely possible that the new coach and General Manager in New York will decide Johnson isn’t even worth $2 million a year anymore. This arrest won’t help his cause.

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That seems whacked to me. You have a license to carry but it better be concealed?


The rationalization is that open carry is frequently more provocative than concealed. CCW permits require criminal and mental competency checks, generally come with significant restrictions on where/when you can CCW, and include the stipulation that if you are stopped, detained, or in any way encounter an officer you have to declare the presence of the weapon.

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Florida is one of the few states that doesn't allow open carry. What a moran to pick one of those few and not double check it. A google search takes 30 seconds.


Not into guns myself but would have thought FL was one of the place that allow it.


But agree the gun owner should know that. Just like they should know its packed in their carry on bag when they go through security and not be surprised and say "I didn't know it was there".


wouldn't that be the logical thing to do anyway? :lol:


Yes, but this local officer in Ohio had a cow and threatened to shoot the driver...



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