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Notice - Sig line limits in effect


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For anyone who uses signature lines, there is a limit of 5 lines allowed and no use of anything other than the default sized text. As of Monday, February 7th, any sig lines observed that exceed the limit will be trimmed by just deleting any lines over the five line limit.


Thanks for your understanding and please correct your own if needed so that you can still control what it reads.

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Start chopping up Ugly Tuna's PLEASE!


Just to slap him around a bit if nothing else.  :D








No one has to conform until UT does. :D

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Wow, I feel like this rule was made in effect after me. Just like the rule the Colts cried for when they were be out played in the 2003 AFC Championship game.


I will now go with my modified Sig!


Ugly :D Tuna

I'm not a player I just crush alot!

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Back to the siglines,

I also notice that you can not include italics, or colors, which kind of stinks.


Although, some sigs seem to still have them.







I didn't see anything about using color on the sig line, just length and size. I guess size DOES matter! :D

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I would have been happy to translate! Of course, Big John could have told to what it says too!








Okay I admit the translation of your sigline eludes me.

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