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How does Moss affect the Raiders' passing game?


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Just curious on your thoughts. My first reactions:


Collin (or whomever the QB is): UP. Mucho tds, plus it's always a plus when a QB knows that if push comes to shove, he can toss the ball up in Randy's vicinity and there's a good chance he'll go get it.


Porter: tough to tell. Obviously, he should benefit from getting coverage rolled away from him, but that also means fewer chances. Still, he's a pretty good WR and Moss/Carter co-existed quite well for a couple years. One thing to watch out for though, is that both Moss and Porter are deep threats, whereas Cris Carter was the ultimate possession receiver when he played with Moss. Might there be friction?


Have NO idea about 3/4 WRs or TEs.

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Collins throws one of the best long balls in the game right now. The knock on Collins is that if he is pressured that he crumbles into a shell of a man. It won't matter who the WRs in OAK are if Collins doesn't have any time. Gallery has one year behind him now and he will be the anchor of the front line. If the offense front line can get the job done in 2005, I think we see the Raiders put up #10 points in the league in 2005 but also give up #10 points. It will be interesting to see what Norv does with the RB situation. Last year the leading OAK RB only had 425 yds and 3 TDs, which was the lowest output of a leading RB for a Norv Turner coached team (head coarch or offensive coordinator). In the past Norv has been a RB friendly coach who finds his horse, and then rides him hard.

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More importantly, who get #84?









I'm sure Moss does if he really wants it.

Which he probably will.

I think he'll do ok with the Raiders this year,

remember Porter is a speedy receiver too

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