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  1. So to speak, This ^. Increasing the QB scoring doesn't make the position more valuable because the availability of the position is still the same. However if the scarcity of the position rises (which is what superflex does) you will increase the demand. As Gopher says, to each their own. I've tried superflex and found it's pretty much QB take all, at least with the scoring of the league I was in. Made it rather dull IMO.
  2. I actually like him to get the bulk of the runs. Sproles actually rushed more then he should of last year due to injuries (94 attempts, career high) and Pumphrey is too small to be anything but a COP/utility back just like Sproles. Essentially that just leaves Smallwood who has not shown any reason to think he can handle the load between the 20's. If you figure Sproles and Pumphrey get about about 60-70 attempts between them and Smallwood keeps around the 75 marker (or even expands on it slighly) that still leaves around 250 attempts for Blount. Adding the depth now present in the passing game, could turn out real good if Blount stays healthy.
  3. Charles has reportedly no guaranteed money in his contract. I honestly think there's a good chance he doesn't even make the roster. In my book only the Patriots are a more frustrating RB situation then NO, and that is solely because the Pats have so many. Just never know how or if they will use the RBs in NO. I remember reading about how little NO uses the backs in redzone a couple years ago, don't know if it's improved at all since then. Makes Lynch the easy pick in my book, though I'm not going to go out of my way to target him either.
  4. This, totally all him. He was given multiple chances. Obviously he didn't care enough after the first couple drug/alcohol violations and doesn't care enough now to take responsibility and do what's needed to get reinstated. So his career is over and its all his fault.
  5. Taz knows all about this. He is the man who hugged JStew's nuts so long you would have thought he's tattooed on the sack.
  6. Lot of mouths on the Chargers. Hard to see him having the greatest impact this year.
  7. Read somewhere there is no guaranteed money. Makes me wonder if there's a chance he doesn't make the roster.
  8. Zeke affect, we're all going to be crying in our beers when it comes crashing down and we re-realize that the passing game is still king in today's NFL.
  9. Honestly think you're missing a choice.
  10. Drew Pearson
  11. That was awesome btw. Is it just me or does this draft truly have some of the worst landing spots going to the offensive players?
  12. I'd rather have the pick then either of them. Honestly think its a good move. Hooker is going to be very boom or bust with his play style and I've already stated I don't think any of the QBs were 1st round worthy. Defense is still deep at the moment in this draft, so you can use other picks now to address needs while you've already added on picks for next year when the QB class improves.
  13. It was a great night...until I realized I was at a table full of Bears fans. To say I had to endure some somber (the really bad word)ers would be an understatement. Oh and to all my Bears buddies, don't ever mock the Jordan pick again....don't you even try bitches!