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  1. Ya, we're not good at this. Grats!
  2. I'd rather have the pick then either of them. Honestly think its a good move. Hooker is going to be very boom or bust with his play style and I've already stated I don't think any of the QBs were 1st round worthy. Defense is still deep at the moment in this draft, so you can use other picks now to address needs while you've already added on picks for next year when the QB class improves.
  3. It was a great night...until I realized I was at a table full of Bears fans. To say I had to endure some somber (the really bad word)ers would be an understatement. Oh and to all my Bears buddies, don't ever mock the Jordan pick again....don't you even try bitches!
  4. I agree with them, Kessler is not the answer. That being said I would not be drafting any QB in the first round this year, but I'm not an NFL GM...I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  5. Oh I get it..just saying if you're money grabbing its stupid to do anything until after the draft, cause they don't have any money yet. Honestly both Tunsil's and this one make me think spite is the reason more then anything.
  6. Should of probably waited till after the draft then.
  7. Really hard to say, in our PC judge first wait for facts later society I think there's a damn good chance he becomes a day 3 selection at best.
  8. Its Gareon Conley (RotoWorld). Seems to be the new trend these last couple years to have questionable/damaging things coming out right before/at draft.
  9. Stating it's a little low is not upset, and if you didn't noticed me pointing out Ajayi's previous injuries and consistency problems well then I can't help you. And I'm sorry, again the analysis provided in the response was poor. When I see crap advise I'm going to call it out. But what "upsets" me is every Tom Dick and Harry showing up on this board promoting their own crappy product. You want quality advice? Why not look at the actual product that hosts the message board (you know, If any of that offends you, well you can pound sand.
  10. Sorry to offend, but after taking a close (couple minutes) look I got to say that is some horrible analysis. You could of mentioned things like Ajayi's was not a starter till week 6 or the inconsistent performances he put up as the featured back or even expound on the injury history and its affect on your ranking. But instead your breakdown is Blount isn't signed, its off-season, and oh hey let me use this opportunity to promote my website (or blog, whatever) I'll have someday. Really?
  11. So your saying the season is just a formality then?
  12. Just to counter some of these (cause damn really?)... Ajayi as 11th seems a little low even in a PPR. He may not catch a ton of balls, but he will get the major share of rushes provided he stays upright. Higbee also has good upside this year with Kendrick gone and an offense scheme not straight out of the 90's. That being said, I agree the offer is a little light for Gronk, but Gronk's injury history isn't doing him any favors and I firmly believe there is a reason the Patriots have added multiple pass catchers (both WR & RB) this off-season. Ajayi will NEVER play for several more years. With the reported injury history, those knee's will not withstand the punishment. If you make the trade, realize you're only making the trade for this coming year cause beyond that is a crapshoot. Majority of runningbacks don't have a window longer then 2-3 years anyways now a days.
  13. Considered going offensive here but the need on the other side of the ball is too great. Sidney is going to fall due to the injury, but think the Dolphins would be willing to take the chance he comes back to form after the plethora of CB talent that is drafted before their pick. With these two picks, I retire. I really was only expecting the one round as originally intended and do not have the acumen to replicate picks NFL teams will make going any deeper.
  14. Detroit (or many teams really) would be thrilled to have McDowell available for them at this pick. Detroit's line is aging so this is a good pick for them. Initially was targeting Engram but he didn't make it back.
  15. Miami Dolphins select Sidney Jones CB Washington