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Huddle Fistfight #7

Jumpin Johnies

Who Would win this fight?  

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  1. 1. Who Would win this fight?

    • Dr. Sacrelebeu
    • Untateve

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This matchup makes Soup and Az look like Ali and Frazier. Just look at this photo of Dr. Sacrelabeu this guy has beatdown written all over. If I remember correctly this guy is a duel citizen of France and the U.S. That means that this guy is 50% candyas$. Not only that but he has two favorite NFL teams. This is so typical of the French, just once I wish these people had the balls(or in his case lack of balls) to pick a freakin side and see it all the way through. Did you guys know that Sac was also an interior decorater? Jesus Christ msaint would make mince meat out of this momo fektard. :D About the only person he stands a chance of laying a whoopin on is Untateve(momo on the left) . Unta is another sub 150 pound huddler that probably grew up feeding his lunch money to the big kids. He was probably never picked for kickball and this is probably what steered him to be a good student. He's a Psychologist down in Florida and his mind is his only form of defense. If he's able to play mind games with Sac(so appropriate after his photo) he might be able to convince him not to fight him. Another thing of note regarding Unta is the fact that this guy has no favorite NFL franchise. :D What kind of football fan doesn't have a favorite team? This might be worse then Frenchie having two teams. Untateves like Switzerland when it comes to the NFL, he's neutral. We should bill this fight as France vs Switzerland. These guys are perfect for one another.

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This should be an even worse beatdown than JJ's at the hands of twiley.  :D


Categorically, untateve wins due to Sac's French background.  I see Sac eatin' some elbows real quicklike!!  :D






msaint got smacked down worse Soup boy and that bought was not official. :D

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Dude, the Dr. All the way. The French have a special ability that makes their bones turn into jelly and gives them a serious advantage in the ring. Once Untateve even attempts to take a swing on him the Frenchman will de-solidify his bones and ooze into the boots of Untateve. There he will begin to shred cheese in between his toes (you know about the French and their love of stinky cheese.). Once that is completed the Dr. will slither out of the boots and re-solidify his bones and start to fight. BUT Untateve will be preoccupied by a burning, itchy feeling coming from between his toes and that’s when the Doc knocks him out with one punch.


In the end, Dr. wins by a knock out.

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Wow, I used to think untateve was cool. :D


But I've spoken to Frenchie on the phone. No matter how gay you think he might be, he's actually 10 times gayer than that.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.






Big John and Atomic showed me another photo of the guy and I must say he looks like the devil. Definetely a frenchman.

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Untateve will kill him and throw him in the egg  :D








BBQ'd frog..... I hear the Green Egg is perfect for that. :D


Really won't matter what goes on... in the end Sac surrenders and Untateve wins by default.




Edit.... sorry about the slur Sac..... don't usually do that kind of thing ever... but the only thing I dislike more than the French... are the French. Which causes pain since you are a pretty okay guy all in all. :D

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Since when have the French ever stood up and fought? If there is the absolute slimmest of margins of defeat, the French won't even show up. Heell the French probably wouldn't show up if they knew in advance that their opponent had already been slain ... on the off chance that the corpse might rise from the dead and deal death back at them. There is no way Dr. Sacrebleu even shows up ... as matter of fact he has probably already pissed his pants just at the mere thought of having to fight anybody.

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