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Sweet 16k


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:D As I noted in ton's post, I have been up to my eyeballs in BOTH league-related hoo-ha for the past week or so. Plus, uh, some "other stuff". So I flew right by 16k. I didn't really plan on doing a milestone post, but since I got called out :D I guess I'll go ahead and do it. Since it's "sweet 16", it should be pretty simple. :D


Everyone loves March Madness, so how about some info on the NCAA's tourney Sweet 16...


Speaking of the NCAA hoops, I highly suggest reading up on Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success


Speaking of pyramids, did you know there are pyramids in China? The Pyramids of Xian (and hey, there's 16 of them!)


Speaking of China, did you know that 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in China? It's true!


Speaking of pollution, 16 states just sued the Environmental Protection Agency over harmful mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants. Nasty!


Speaking of mercury, NASA's Project Mercury, back in 1963, featured 16 astronauts. These guys were badasz!


Speaking of NASA, didja know that the Hubble telescope just turned 16? Happy birthday! :D


Speaking of telescopes, here's a great PUDDY quote from Seinfeld:


Jerry: So, Puddy, this is a pretty good move for you, huh? No more "grease monkey".

David Puddy: I don't much care for that term.

Jerry: Oh. Sorry, I didn't know...

David Puddy: No, I don't know too many monkeys who could take apart a fuel injector.

Jerry: I saw one once that could do sign language.

David Puddy: Yeah, I saw that one. Uh... Koko.

Jerry: Yeah, Koko.

David Puddy: Right, Koko. That chimp's alright. High-five.


And finally, speaking of Jerrys, Jerry Lee Lewis had a hit entitled.... you got it... Sweet Little 16.


:D Word.

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