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Lets play a game(#1)...


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ok since Carolina has aquired KEYSHAWN I have read where he is going to effect Steve Smiths numbers...

TO going to Dallas and people say it will effect Terry Glenn...

Chad Johnson seems to have the "IF PALMER IS HEALTHY" added to analysis regarding him


ok so using the above examples today lets talk about KEYSHAWN JOHNSON


I want to know what you project for him STAT WISE and then

how it will impact STEVE SMITH


I will refrain from responding until a few others have posted...


tomm we can do TO and Glenn or CJ/Palmer and if anyone has any others to add that they would like to see done just say so and I will try and add them to the list

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I see Keyshawn getting around 55-60 catches, 600-700yds and 5td's.....I think that Smith will have at least around the same year as last, considering that Key will get more respect over the middle than Colbert ever did therefore leaving Smith 1-1 down field more often.




I dont see Smith in 1 on 1 at all this year, but he will drop down from triple covered to double. If last year he did what he did under triple coverage a lot of times, he outta be as good as last year at LEAST.


Im saying Smith will be just a tad better. Might have fewer catches, but I think he has more yards and a couple more TDs.


Keyshawn Im guessing gets about what jake said....50-60 catches, 600 yards and a hand full of TDs.

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I see Keyshawn getting about 70 receptions and 800 yards this season. I think people are a little fast to say they will leave Steve alone now. They aren't going to he has proved himself to be a guy you can't just 1 man cover. I think Keyshawn will get the benefits of Steve other than the other way around. Keyshawn has the possesion receiver speciality that Smith is still a little rough around the edges with.

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I don't see it impacting Steve Smith one iota. I do see Keyshawn getting a couple of looks around the goal line that may have gone elsewhere, but Smith wasn't a primary goal line option anyway. Smith is still the #1 option in that offense by a hugh margin.

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My prediction for Key is:

70/875/5 and that might be a tad on the high side(remember he is switching teams)


How will that effect Steve Smith? IT WONT


I do expect Smith to slide back a bit but not in a major way...

I have stated before that I see Keyshawn actually helping Smith.

I do see Smith losing some catches this yr...but I also see him being

able to increase his YPC


so I say he ends up with around 95/1490 12-14TDs(15.7ypc)


now the reason I dont see KEY affecting Smith very much


in 2004 Mushin was the #1 WR in most FF Leagues and he put up

93/1405 16TDs


Let me guess but you are going to say they didnt have a solid #2....

well what they had was

Colbert 47/754/5

Proehl 34/479/0

the 2 combined for 81/1233/5 MORE then I project KEY for

I see key adding to colberts #s but more at the expense of the #3 reciever and the TEs


also in 2004 Goings and Hoover combined for 66/555(forgot to look up TDs but i think it was 1)

and in 2004 the TEs(mangum and Seidman) combined for 47/446/5



so considering that Mushin was able to put up what he did I think you will see an end result of Key helping smith with smiths numbers falling back a bit due more in part to the defense then Keyshawn

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As there was an absence of any credible #2 WR last year, I don't think that Keyshawn will affect Smith too much. Yes, Keyshawn will asssumedly get his catches and even some scores but I am not convinced it is a negative to Smith as someone else pointed out - Smith was getting triple coverage last year.


Consider that in 2004, Muhsin Muhammad had 93/1405/16. That same year Keary Colbert had 47 catches for 754 yards and 5 scores - probably Keyshawn like.


Where the effect could be significant is in how well the Panthers can rush the ball. If they struggle yet again, there will be no less passing but if Foster and DeAngelo Williams can be successful all season, then that will depress Smith's numbers much more than Keyshawn.


The only real concern with Smith is that he was the best WR last year and that is pretty hard to repeat. Still top notch to be sure, but hard to repeat.

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How about Walker/R. Smith?


Denver has had two 1,000 yd. receivers in the past, just not sure Plummer has it in him.


i will add him to the list...I am gonna see if Big John can rename this to The IMPACT ZONE

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Consider that in 2004, Muhsin Muhammad had 93/1405/16. That same year Keary Colbert had 47 catches for 754 yards and 5 scores - probably Keyshawn like.




with the exception of the UN-Keyshawn like YPC

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i think keyshawn will provide a boost to smith. agree with DMD that smith may not repeat last year's hugh numbers, but having a guy like keyshawn around can only help to pull some of the coverage from smith. this would complement smith much like it complemented glenn and allowed him to be the long ball threat in dallas. since smith is already electric, keyshawn just adds some additional charge. i like this situation. numbers for keyshawn will put him in the WR#3 spot, at best.

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I think it will open things up for Smith a little, but the net result will be little if any net gain. Meshawn takes some attention away from Smith, and that's because he's a viable target who will be getting some looks every game. More looks than Colbert got, that's for sure. So Smith will not be triple covered every play which means he will have more chances to get open and break big plays, but KJ will get his share too. So Smith will be the same if not slightly worse. Maybe a couple fewer TDs.

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