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Julius Jones


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So I was in a mock draft and this guy was talking about how much of a steal he had with JJ in the 8th round. I mentioned that I think people lost faith in that backfield and think the ceiling is pretty low. He kind of responded like I kicked his dog and went on to tell me how wrong I am and how I'll see, blah..blah..blah. Anyway, my point is.. Am I missing something on this guy? I thought the seahawk backfield and O- line were a dumpster fire that was better off being avoided. Does anybody have faith that JJ would put up decent numbers? I think he had a little under 700 and 2 TDs last year. Is there any reason to be optimistic other than Hassel's back is better? Any discussion would be appreciated.

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8th round is decent value for a starting RB


But I think he is the worst starting RB in the league . . .


I tend to agree with these statements. Jones is a nice value in the 8th round because he is a starter and I've even seen him go later. I do think he's possibly the worst starting RB along with Jamal Lewis and have him ranked as such. However, when you're talking about getting a guy as your #4 or #5 RB who is a starter, you can't go wrong.

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8th seems about right ADP wise.....while I won't argue against any of the cons posted so far, here is a couple of pros to consider


- JJ lost a lot of carries, and ultimately the starting job, to Maurice Morris last year. Morris, a Holmgren guy, isn't there this year. JJ's competition this year will be Duckett and probably Justin Forsett.


- JJ seems to be a Mora guy, and Greg Knapp has done a commendable job in the past with less than stellar O-lines and RB's.


- After the first four games of the season last year (before team implosion and Holmgren's doghouse) JJ was actually amongst the league leaders in rushing.


- Hass is said to be healthy; and losing about 50% of the offensive roster and 25% of the defensive roster to injury probably won't happen this year. Meaning, there should be more opportunity for Seattle to be competitive and run the ball.

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I don't think anybody has illusions of JJ being like a 1400 yard back like I had last year, but I would think 1100 should be very attainable. That said, I would not be comfortable drafting Jones as a starter.


What I would do with Jones is to check the bye weeks of your starters. Or if you draft a guy like Lynch, Jones could be good, since SEA plays STL in week 1.The reason I say to watch the bye weeks, is that he should be very successful against SF and St. Louis, who the Hawks of course play twice. JJ went for well over 100 against both of them last year while he was still the starter. If he plays one of these teams the week your starter has a bye, he would be a great backup and bye-week filler on those weeks.


Jones has two major problems.

1. His O-line can't run block. Losing Wahle hurts pretty big. They do pretty good in pass protection, but just aren't people movers outside of Walt.

2. He will lose both goal line carries and 3rd down catches. Not just one of the two.


I see the bulk of his games being about 16-75ish with maybe a catch or two and 5-8 TD's on the season. The yardage will accumulate to a decent total by the end of the season, but he'll probably kill you a few times if you start him too often. If you use him correctly, he can make you look awfully smart, if you plan on using him a lot, you could look pretty dumb.

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Seriously - how do you look smart spot starting Jones? By somehow managing to start him on one of the 3 games that he managed to get into double digit FF games while sitting him the other 13?


That Jones lost his job to a journeyman like Morris says a lot. This year there is a very real possibility that he'll lose a lot of work to Duckett. And don't preclude that SEA decides to pick up a FA in a couple of weeks - maybe a guy like Torain - who will steal all of Jones' candy and *****slap him to the bench.


I'd much rather take a flyer in the 10th+ round on a rookie RB who may be currently sitting in a RBBC or in second position on his team than to use what we know Jones' miniscule potential to be and burn an 8th rounder to do it.


Jones is at his best as a complementary RB - and complementary in that he is limited to 10 touches a game, meaning he has almost no real FF value beyond deep leagues.

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