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Smart to go RB, RB, RB?

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Ok guys. I have the first pick in my 10 team, big time money league draft this year. In my league you can start 3 RBs and 1 WR, because there is a starting requirement of 1 RB, 1 WR, & 2 Flex (RB/WR) (any combo). Getting LT2 #1, would you think about taking 2 of either C. Martin, S. Jackson, L. Jordan, J. Jones, R. Johnson, Barber, K. Jones or A. Green since I would be guaranteed 2 of them, not knowing which two. Theres a really good shot S. Jackson, C. Martin, & Jordan will be there and a decent shot Rudi will be there. The others are a toss up.


I ask this because looking at my scoring system from last year on myfantasyleague.com, RBs kill WRs in points. Like the 20th best RB is up there with Top 8 WRs. Our league scores RBs/WRs/ 1 point for every 10 yards rush/rec and 6 points for tds rush/rec. No points for receptions. I mean I could get 1 RB and 1 WR because either Holt, Harrison or Johnson will definitely be there, but Reuben Droughns, Warrick Dunn, & Michael Pittman (who missed 3 games) all came within 10 points of outscoring Holt & Harrison, and they did outscore Johnson. I'm thinking I could grab 3 RBs and still get a Steve Smith, Roy Williams, Drew Bennett, Anquan Boldin, L. Coles, or J. Porter at the 40th pick. Let me know what you think.

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Yep I think you are on the right path of thinking here. You want to start 3 RBs, especially if receptions are not worth anything.


No question, 2 of your first 3 should be RBs. If someone like Owens or Pepper falls to you though, I think you have to take them. Then you might still land a rookie RB or someone like Bennet or Foster in rounds 4/5.


Also, I think it's important to draft those sneaky handcuff/sleeper RBs. That often makes the difference week 10, when everyone is struggling and you'll still have a wealth of potential starting RBs.


You could even make the argument of starting say Faulk, over a #2 or #3 WR in your scoring system.

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With your league rules that allow you to start 3 RBs, then I would say, YES to getting 3 RBs if those are the 3 guys who will get you the most yards and TDs. Realistically, you are looking at Sean Alexander or Ladainian Tomlinson as your #1. (most people would say LT first, but I wouldn't hold it against you if you took Alexander) And then coming back for guys like Curtis Martin, Steven Jackson or Chris Brown at the 20/21 spots.


If Daunte Culpepper drops to 20/21, I would take him in one of those spots (I am assuming that there is no way that Peyton will drop out of the first round, or at least the first 12 picks) Also, you might be able to make an argument for Terrel Owens or Randy Moss if they drop.


I would definitely take RBs over any of those guys though, unless Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson have some ungodly pre-season--that might move Chad Johnson into contention for one of those spots.

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Given your scoring system, this is absolutely a strong strategy, but don't get too married to it. Difference makers at each position is the key.


So if for some reason Pepper is available at pick 20, perhaps you take him and your #2 RB rather than 2 RBs at 20 & 21 as he may be the last of the tier 1A QB's.


It sounds as if you are on the right track by analyzing your leagues scoring vs. player/position value. Use that to your advantage throughout your draft and don't let a pre-arranged "system" get in the way.

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I'll just say this last year my league was 10 teams! The winner walked away from the draft with Alexander, E. James & Rudi Johnson 1,2,3 in that order!


After the draft I pick up my phone and called him and said Congrats you won the League! The RB, RB , RB thing worked pretty well for him and in a 10 team league I think you will have good fortune!


Also as a result I changed the roster requirements and now only 2 RB can start! 12 team league with 9 starters!


It works good luck!

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